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  1. Im nicer then you are I was gunna use this one... LOL your so mean She left...... naughty hftmrock
  2. that pic is disturbing
  3. Hey at least u didnt mention the arm pits right ? lol
  4. There are just some things I don't need to know
  5. Awww thats not nice. Neither is that Everyone has an opinion... Chops is entitled to his... no harm in that at all
  6. That explains the litter thing then lol
  7. Saw that one on America's Funniest Videos Hilarious
  8. You have kids ? lol I dunno if there are people out there with jobs to change diapers.... I havent decided whats worse yet.. A really stinky messy diaper.. or cat :filtered: in a litter box
  9. 100 bucks on a litter maid so u dont have to tough the litter
  10. Looks to me like the cat is annoyed... Forget to change the litter box?
  11. Denver Post Here is one report chop and another Yahoo News
  12. First off I already agree'd to disagree on this subject.. something caught my eye and instead of moving on I added... maybe I shouldnt have. Do police not shoot to mame instead of shoot to mame rather then kill? I referred to it because "in the movies" like you said it's mostly the police v suspect when it comes to the stop shots... Another topic yes but I used it as an example ...I should have qouted it my bad..
  13. I really dislike people who talk on their cell phones and find it necassary to cut me off while driving. Without using their turn signal.... That is such a peeve.
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