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  1. Ok! That fixed it. I didn't even think to check that. I thought I had both computers set for the same type of scan. Thanks for the help.
  2. I have been running a scan on my sister's computer now for 4 hrs. It is hung up on the security tab at high level threats. This is the 3rd time I have run this in 24 hrs. and it always gets hung up here. Can you tell me why it would be doing this? She runs windows 7, IE 11.
  3. I tried to run pc matic on my sisters computer and it took all night to get anything done. Then this morning when I tried to check everything out on both hers and mine I get a error report and I can't even access the web site. I uninstalled the program on my computer but not hers. She is running windows 7 and internet explorer on a dell computer. Mine is windows 8.1 and google chrome on a gateway. i don't know if you need any other info. Please help. Thank you
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