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  1. thx for the advice! I am having good results with clockgen, i have some bad ram so i'm not gonna expect too much more than 2300mhz, but thru clockgen, since i can't change vcore, whats a safe number to go up to for a opty 170 on default vcore. I'm thinking 2300 is pretty decent on stock core, or can i go up more without nudging the vcore? I like clockgen because i don't always need to OC to some insane degree (even tho i have the cooling capabilities). Also how do I reset the CMOS, just for backup.. Is it the same as an athlon xp mobo where you move the jumper from the 2nd/3rd pin to the 1st/2nd pin?
  2. i'm a bit noobish when it comes to the 939 bios so clockgen seems nice and friendly.. In the bios i have no clue what to change
  3. I'm new to the 939 bioses, so am wondering whether I should use clockgen to OC a opt 170 cpu / asus a8nsli mobo combo..
  4. I can't attach my thermaltake's probe to the bottom of the CPU die, so i can't monitor the temps thru hardware.. Have to rely on software from now on, whats the best one to use?
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