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  1. I called ‭1 (888) 802-7120‬. The tech said he was a Microsoft Certified Technician and wanted me to go to www.2patch.com...but I had to make him wait because the computer crashed and I had to re-boot. I asked him if he was a Microsoft employee—he said they were contractors. I tied him up for better than a half hour.
  2. On boot I get a message saying that I don't have rights to run elkumcisry.ybnesry. I checked the registry--nothing in there. I checked Startups and Services--again, nothing. I followed the path (c:\users\jsb\AppData\Local\Ofdavpocev) to the file and found that it will open as text...all Chinese. I'm not terribly concerned that it might be doing harm since it won't launch because of rights but, I would like to know what is calling it to load and what the heck it is. The following is the text in the file: === 她郋䎉觲顳芬窙䉈잢ଚ뺽놋쎒矴跘潘⫧꡺ꋍ壻ジ뵣䲽荀р쫗岠㨂뷖鸬鴬ྜ鵷鍑ꏲ깋艦Ȭ㭦௖钴范怳ᜧ⣄莁쉵ꯄ챟ᡷ뮝숧䗯쇝쟥䩯憒⦟麁췴赘Ծ裥鴨낭㡨坺
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