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  1. If you think the pits internal bickering has it sorted for ya then go for it. some of us were wondering it the frontside bus was mis-set somehow.
  2. my guess, somewhere, the drive is marked as removable (hense the pio mode rather then dma mode). Just where is the question.
  3. rja

    Paging File

    delete the page file. then defragment then recreat a fixed size page file (& don't let DK move it to the front of the drive. (Tried that once & it took a single file [no fragments]and produced one with 3600+ fraqgments.)
  4. unless, its a mil spec chip. the fan will hold together, at well above the temps that will fry the CPU. The cooling fan could have been defective though. (then the CPU temps wouldn't have to be that high.) maybe not even 75 C. Still its not very likely.
  5. Ok, the HDD is a little slow. (is the controller ??? 100, 133, 150, or 166 or other. you might try running a copy on the "3dmark2001se". as this will give a better indication of the graphics speed.
  6. On 98, you can run scandisk, from DOS. Boot from a startup floppy then change the C:\ to whatever the storage drive number is and run scandisk /f from there and see what happens (since there are no protected drivers present it should work) and see what it finds. Then restart windows and try it again.
  7. Have you tried it with acrobat AND NOT just ACROBAT reader? & seen if it solves the problem? Also anything else on the machines that will raad & write acrobat (PdF files?) (My corel draw10 program will do so. So just asking.)
  8. if you could tell use what the rated number of keys on the KBD is (the standard is 101-102) it would help. (Have seen that (I think just can't remember where.) it may be a multilingual keybord.
  9. rja

    Speed Up ?

    Yes, Dklite has a background sys file defrag.
  10. rja

    Broadband Speed

    try the pits seperate ping test. (internet speed> ping test) the botton one is adelaide should give reasonable pings times.
  11. Hawk, it could be all the stuff, AOL has running as well. (yes, I use AOL & don't run most of it just WAOL.exe and the VPN). The other thing, find a copy of regclean 4.1 and put it in its own folder and run it again & again until it reports can't find any thing to delete. (it makes restore folders at each pass) depending on the setup I've had it pull over 300k of stuff from the registry. Even on fresh installs it can pull a lot (depending on whats running.
  12. have you tried running chkdsk /f on the drive in question? If not do so. then defrag. and see if that helps. PS a 75% full HDD defrag slowly.
  13. rja

    Radeon 9250 ?

    magic word, XP2 & games (lots of problems there). some games are broken by XP2 and the intel firewall is a nonstarter on many games as well. (not all, or even most but...)
  14. Nan although its a little more work (an extra cord) I'd use one with external power [actually I do]) the external powered USB hub it just a little icing on the cake (in most cases). just reread this and I think the vantec is externally powered.
  15. if its FAT32 try from the dos prompt (boot floppy and run scandisk (it'll give the HDD size. And when you do the surface scan you get a graphic represention of the HDD. See how much of its used.) vopt run from winders will also give a look but...
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