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  1. Ok I have found the solution, it seems my Bitdefender firewall was causing the problems, i changed the setting and now my connection is a go...
  2. So, the other day, I was using my PC and all of a sudden there was a power failure and my PC was shut down. After the power came back on, I turned on my PC and found out that there is no internet access. There is the yellow triangle error on the internet icon. The PC is directly connected to my router via ethernet and all the other devices connected to the router via wifi can access the internet, but my PC can't. I tried using USB tethering yet my PC can't connect to the internet. The Diagnostic tool tells me to turn off the router and turn it back on after 10 seconds to fix the problem. But it does not work. I tried reinstalling the network adaptor drivers but still no luck. My PC is windows 10 64 bit. Also, when i disconnect the ethernet and connected it again, the network icon shows to be connected for about 10-20 seconds without actually allowing me to connect to the internet... Any suggestions?
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