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  1. @terry If MS is programs are so bad and windows is a virus, Why don't you sit down to write a better OS. Not a Linux system but a OS from scratch. @Nigsy I think it is great of MS to work so hard to get out all this update to combats problem. if apple was the same it would be great. Yes family members have apple and I see that problem for them where is takes some times month to get a patch. But No one is safe against the writer of viruses. MS, APPLE, UNIX, Linux, Smart phone, Tablets. In that case we are all in trouble if we do not keep up with the latest patch or anti-virus. BTW thanks for the welcome
  2. gripe, gripe always gripe when it comes to Microsoft ...... I installed windows 10 on our laptop FOR FREE, try that from Apple(cart). The laptop no runs like a charm well it did it in win 8 and 8.1, too. I have hade microsoft since dos and I still have my disk for dos 3.1 and all the ms windows. yes i have tried all of the other OS, but always come back to Microsoft be cause I think they have produce the best OS and they still do. I have used MP-80, TOS(Atari), Android(tablets), iOS(tablet), redtop and about 5 different, IBM window(came out just be for wind95) and so many other so I think I know little about them OS. have worked with computer since 1983 build my first computer in 1992. I like to say stop griping and have fun or if you don't like the MS products go and use an other OS. Thank you! BTW Microsoft have neer send out a OS with a serious virus like Apple have done.
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