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  1. The CPU seems to still be running a little high. While its idling its going 46-50. I reapplied the thermal paste already and made sure that it was making contact.
  2. It works, just tweaked the monitor to act like an hdtv and it looks great once again.
  3. The drivers report that its at 1440 by 940. But the monitor itself when I play with the controls says that its at 1280 by 1024.
  4. This is not good. I did not order a floppy drive.
  5. I reapplied the thermal paste and tried to make better contact with the stock cooler. Speed fan reports that its in the 42-45 region. Also, after getting the 8800 gts and installing the newest Nvidia drivers my Samsung 940 bw seems to have blurry text for some reason. Everything looked fine before I installed the drivers. Is there any way that Nvidia does not support 1440 *940. The monitor shows that its only at 1280* 1024 but the native resolution is at 1440*940 when I ran the 9600 pro it had no problems. Trying to install Raid0 last night was difficult and I could not do it.
  6. Heres, the first test. I had trouble setting up Raid0 on this setup. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=HSPAFWJVPVWSQ99J Speedfan reports it running at 60C now. Is it still too high?
  7. Well, everything has been installed. I accidently broke the clip for the Scythe Infinity when I was putting it into the holes of the motherboard. I guess I have to order another bracket. Does anyone know where I can get one? Right now I am using the stock HSF that it came with. The weird thing was that it said that it was 75 degrees celcius. I thought this number seemed a bit high but I am not sure. Every part works just gotta upload the drivers and such.
  8. The Scythe Infinity is so big its incredible. Just have a couple of more things to do and hopefully all the parts will work. Results by this evening!!!
  9. Everythings good! I just have not had time putting it together, it will be up by tomorrow night.
  10. I did not think that I needed SLI for what the games I play for now. The R600 cores were looking decent so if i wanted to upgrade to those cards at a later time, I could run crossfire with them. OneCool, did you have any problems with this board?
  11. Time to build! Will be back with the results soon. The Lian-Li PC-60 PLUS II is beautiful.
  12. If a computer went from 350 watts to say 750-900 watts. Would it have any significant increase on the electricity bill?
  13. This new cheaper solution that they claim to be coming out is the same card. But the only difference is in the memory.
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