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    AMD Athlon 64 3800+ MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum 2x512GB OCZ PC3200 2,3,2,6 1T PNY 6800Ultra 425/1100 Barracuda 200GB SATA
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    PC Builders Club
  1. Just installed my new memory and at its stock settings I dropped to a pi score of 35s now.
  2. I got my pc back up and running with a little faster hard drive even. Just waiting on my 1 gig of OCZ ram to come in now. Good luck to all and to all a good fight!
  3. Wow what cpu and memory are you running? Nice score
  4. Aww crap yea i did use the wrong drivers. i like these drivers because they look and play best with HL2. I guess I'll have to install the other drivers just for this competition.
  5. Wow some great scores so far. I'm gonna have to start getting this new machine dialed in. I wanna at least be in the top 10 this time I haven't downloaded PC Mark 04 yet but here is my pit score and 3D Mark01 scores... Pit Score 2181 - 100 ISP = 2081 3DMark 01 score 23363 so without my PCMark04 score right now I've got 4417 for a score.
  6. Here is my mem test. I'm running my 3800+ @ 205x12 for 2460 (200x12 2400 is stock) I haven't tried to go any higher yet just playing with the new system. My memory is two 256 sticks of Infineon PC3200. It came with the system and it is running at 3,3,3,8 1T in dual channel mode (again I haven't tried anything different yet. I still am going to buy two nice 512 sticks soon, got any suggestions on what I should get? I amlooking at that PPD Patriot memory on newegg. Just downloaded and ran super pi with the 1mb setting and got 36 seconds is that decent?
  7. I've got this 470W power supply http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-103-446&depa=0 the fools just forgot to list the other 12v rail. One rail is 16A and the other is 15A Here is a power supply calculator to determine what you need. http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/ It reccomends a 362W power supply for my AMD system.
  8. It would be a little less wattage if you didn't have the Geforce 6800 GT listed twice
  9. Hehe I didn't actually take a pic of mine, I just used a pic off the web. Mine looks exactly like that except for the P4 sticker is replaced by an AMD one. Good catch.
  10. I just got a new computer with... AMD Athlon 64 3800+ (newcastle core) Msi K8n Neo2 Platinum mobo 2x256 mb PC 3200 (will be upgrading with 2 more 512mb dual channel HyperX memory sticks for a total of 1.5gb. Geforce 6800GT SB Audigy 2 ZS sound card 8x double layer dvd burner Does anyone know that if the first 2 slots have slower ram running in dual channel and then I put in the other 2 slots some quick Hyper X memory in dual channel will all the memory run as slow as the first set? Here's a pic of my new computer. Yea yea I know it's a Compaq but they really have turned over
  11. Well stop it right now Raymo you are about to beat my scores And please post links
  12. Damn man those computers SUCK! That one had cable internet and 11 Kbits/sec? Man no wonder they are dying to get into this country their computers blow!
  13. First read the first page of this thread. After that run a pit test with out your cpu being overclocked (you can o/c your vid card though). Now run an aquamark test without the cpu being o/c (again your vid card can be o/c though) Now post your pit score, the weighted I/O score from the pit test and finally your aquamark score in the thread that says it is for STOCK scores only. Raymo or someone else can calculate your score for you or you can do it yourself withthe calculator in Raymo's sig. Now for the o/c scores do the same as above except for the pit and aquamark you can now o/c your cp
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