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  1. Volt Please close this thread - I think the views are so entrenched it's a waste of space. More than that, it has become vitriolic. There is no debate, just too many entrenched views, point-scoring and, in some cases, personal and highly sarcastic comments beingh flung around. It serves no purpose anymore, other than to inflame. I have to say, however, that some act with admirable restaint - especially Moon. TracyLynn - thanks for your feedback here Paul
  2. Personally I find it getting increasingly offensive - particularly Zions posts ("can't you read?" being a classic example). Also his repeated assertion that ALL arabs are out to kill ALL jews - talk about racist assumptions and ideological blindness. Sorry for returning after promising to stay away - the posts recently form some have become increasingly vindictive and as a "debate" it has been dead for a long time. The kind of insults traded here is one of the reasons I don't actively contribute any more. Paul
  3. After that sarcastic swipe I will be leaving the forum
  4. you assume people here think it's OK for pics of US dead to be shown - for me it isn't - this is not a double standard as far as I'm concenred and I doubt it is for anyone else here...
  5. If it's true that the "wedding party" was sometihng more sinister (e.g. that the house was a safe house for gunmen) that puts a whiole different compplexion on things - however I recall seeing dead children...
  6. How a terrorist becomes of death really has no matter to me as long as they are dead. I feel no sympathy for them. Remember 9/11? I do not believe terrorist cared how innocent US civilians died as long as they where dead. Kram - you might recall many other civilians were killed in 9/11 as well as US ones. Your couldn't-care-less-about-dead-terrorists is one thing - but this seems to me like gloating. It's one thing to be unconcerned that a terrorist lies dead. It's quite another thing to gloat over the body. This picture will inflame more hatred and anger against Americans. And the one
  7. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/040519/325/eu1gc.html Now, since this is a dead body, I cannot conceive of why the soldier is apprently giving a thumbs-up. The other pics of living detainees we are told are to do with a "softening up" technique to get them to talk. This picture shows that the Iraqi is beyond having the ability to talk.
  8. txsidewinder1 I looked at the news media - I checked the footage - I saw blood and lots of it. I saw people in shock, stunned and dead. I don't listen to the commentary often - the pictures tell teh story (and yes they are edited and so the truth is a hard beast to hunt down - but you cannot deny the dea and the grieving). War kills people - and this mistake (if it is a mistake ) is still down to US troops. I get concerned when the attitude here is one of "Iraqis cannot fire into the air" - it's THEIR country - one your president is going to pull out of soon. This is THEIR trad
  9. What an aggressive response. You're wrong - completely. Once again we come to the point that the Iraqi people did not ask for the US/UK/Austrailan militaries "help". How arrogant to assume an incumbent people should stop osmething - learn about th etraditions of the country you are invading first. If America were in the same boat and someone killed peopel setting off fireworks on July 4 you would doubtless be after the blood of the people who killed your innocent partygoers.
  10. paul77


    Salo Thanks for opening up a thread that seems to be running in a responsible manner - I give it respect and optimism - long may it last - in fact let's hope it never gets closed.... ...I agree with you in part. I think my rant is about people not READING posts thoroughly before replying. Sometimes people think that a critcism of a countries military or leader is a critcism of their country (I think your point that Canada is not a living organism but a landmass touches on something similar). I may critcise Americas actions sometimes, just as I might criticise The UKs - doesn't
  11. TracyLynn!!!!! that was YOU??? wow - small world!!
  12. Why? Why should be not be punished for such things, why should felons get to chose the direction in which this country decides to take. They showed no respect for it before, why now? Not to mention they can just move to one of the states that allows them to vote if they have such a hard on for it. Why? Because they have done their time and have been rehabilitated - and going to jail is more than "doing time" - it is about rehabilitation. Once out, civilised society assumes the ex-con has changed, become more responsible etc. Naive? Maybe. But based upon Chrisitian values and supported by
  13. Tthat is the single most arrogant and false statement I've read here. Maybe FOR YOU children being killed is not heart-wrencing - for ME it is.
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