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  1. 1- Possession is illegal - therefore you DON'T have the legal right to pursue this form of "happiness". No one is taking away your legal right since you don't have any legal right in the first place. 2 - The moral right. What I am asking is, do you think you still have the moral right, IF what you do directly or indirectly funds criminal activities. Gun running for example ultimately leads to someone else's unhappiness. Prostitution likewise, pornography similarly. Do you agree that your action (buying drugs from a dealer) has consequences (the money enters the criminal financial world
  2. Oh I know he can, volt, I just wanted to stand shoulder-to-shoulder for a moment - just a moment, mind... it desn't mena we're married or anything. Although we are. But not to each other.... no I haven't been smoking either....just tired
  3. i hope so too. My pessimism is rooted in the anxiety that referees decisions will be after the event. All it will take is one well-aimed boot... ...on the flip side what about diving? What does FIFA have to say about that?
  4. absolutely. but personal responsibility does not translate into government control. No it doesn't. I don't think I'm making myself clear. I'm not suggesting anyone should stop smoking cannabis. I'm not suggesting people campaign to legalise pot .I asked if people think about the possibility that their money goes to organised crime and how they feel about that. I'm not suggesting whether people should / should not feel guilty or do anything about it. I AM curious as to how it fits in to their view of pot-smoking. Or even if it does at all. I do realise this is off topic but th
  5. in short, don't throw stones in a glass house. Meaning? Is this an insult? Because I don't recall accusing you of anything. I asked a question. That said, I am asking about the individual persons response to the idea that they may be funding organised crime. Am I not allowed to do that in this forum? America holds personal liberty as a high priority. Does personal liberty not go hand-in-hand with personal responsibility?
  6. badbinary - ok, you reject the notion. Your perogative. I'm unsure why you have highlighted the sentence I wrote, unless it is to point out the fact that i mention terrorist activity. I repeat that I did not JUST mention terrorist activity. Take a look at your highlighting. Anyone else have any thoughts? No moral dilemma for you guys either? Do you not agree that drug cartels might be involved in gun-running, child sexual exploitation etc?
  7. badbinary I misquote you - I tend to find many misquote -so here's the spirit of what I am saying - IF your purchasing an illegal drug funds illegal and POSSIBLY terrorist activities, how do you reconcile this with your views on such ilegal and possibly terrorist activities. I think that, with respect, you are evading the moral dilemma I am attmepting to ask you (and others) to address. My interpretation of what you are saying is that one is wrong, therefore that mitigates any responsibility I may have towards such funding. Even if what you say about the lack of interest on the
  8. Does anyone else share my pessimistic view that, if Rooney plays, there will be a bonus for the player that takes him out?
  9. Fine, but until the government legalises it, how do you reconcile the problem of the purchaser funding illegal (possibly terrorist) activities?
  10. To add again to chengrob's comment above. I guess growing your own is one thing, so perhaps my question is geared more towards those who buy their stuff from dealers. So far the only response in that regard has been of the "we pay taxes to a corrupt system (i.e. the government)", implying thereby that it is Ok to pay the man and to hell with the consequences? No one else apart from volt and leprachaunmonkie who do / did not pay other people have bothered to comment. Thanks to those who have responded and I'm still interested in others' responses, although I realise it is off topic.
  11. On page 17 of this thread chengrob posted quite a detailed post. I was specifically struck by this comment: "2. We are creating an underground economy....the worst and most vial part of marijuana use is the underground economy. Feeding money to bandits and terrorists gun runners, etc." To those of you who are happy to admit to taking illegal drugs I am interested in your thoughts about this. How do you square your practices with the possible funding of gun-running and other criminal activity? Is this something that people here are ignoring because it is uncomfortable to try to recon
  12. wow..that looks stupid - anyway..the black box contains something that sounds like "horse" but is spelled slightly differently (usues all the same letters but mixed up and with a "w" at the start...)
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