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  1. As per your instructions I ran the PC Matic program as the administrator without any problems. Thank you for the recommendation. One question: what does running as the administrator do to the program? I have been running pc matic for almost 2 years as the user with no problem and now I have to run it as the administrator. Why?
  2. Today the problem is back again. What can I do to fix the problem?
  3. I have Windows 7 with IE 11, Was running PC Matic, got to Stability/Drivers and the following window poped up" "Registry Read Error 2146959355 Server Execution Failed Get WordValueHive="HKCU". PC Matic will not go beyond this point. What do I do to correct this problem?
  4. Finally started working tonight. Before program started working my computer got very slow. While running PC Matic I got a window that said I should stop running the script as something was causing the computer to operate slowly and if I continued it might cause the computer to completely stop running. I disregarded the warning and kept the program running. Finally the program found and corrected the problem. My point is why would PC Matic have in its program a warning that if heeded would not correct the problem when the whole point of running the program is to fix what is wrong with the compu
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