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  1. cool.............. keep it in America baby..............
  2. So mine was an attack against christians and observations and that is against redheads? Or is the old fire inside an old wives taleI dated a redhead once....the old wives tales are true.....but worth it
  3. Angela's a redhead watching her temper flare- >has nothing to do with religion.... you go girl.......................... <waits to be smacked>
  4. I believe in God....just not his thieving, double talking, middle-management staff............. and I also believe (quite fully) he is quite annoyed at those that commit violence in his name..... I'm thinking..................a well placed meteorite in the middle-east would solve the problem, afterwhich they all can blame God and everybody else can go back to their prospective houses of worship...
  5. GB could be worse, Angela is on another post proclaiming that her weekends aren't productive enough and Mondays are somehow cool. Maybe you could get her a second job. Quick question. How on Earth do you put up with some of those rotten customers. When I'm there some of those customers need to have there faces put in the deep fryer for a few minutes.
  6. you can never too many electricians around................
  7. Thanks...I'll post the pics when I'm finished... well..street legal anyway
  8. excellent... Mine is an early 74 so there is no frame around the doors.... I hope to have it back on the road by July 4th .... gotta stick together, Mopar people are hard to find, especially since the ricer boys started to take over.
  9. The name is cliff.......... union electrician by trade, pc overclocking geek by choice, beginner snow boarder, pro gun, pro-choice, politically a right-wing libertarian with pro labor tendencies, I like to work my old 74' dodge ramcharger , been playing video games since the mid '70s, love all types of music...worked with a thrash metal band for a time and volunteered at Carnegie Hall for two years. Other volunteer work.. NJ/NY Forest Fire Service and Search and Rescue, ran a winter boy scout camp for several years. I was there when the filmed the first Friday the 13th film. In whatever free time is left I do alot of genealogy/family history studies. I am half old WASP and half Euro-trash. Member of the Sons of the American Revolution. I haven't done my paperwork yet but I qualify for Sons of the Confederacy, Colonial Physicians, Sons and Daughters of Pilgrims, Sons of Union Veterans, Society of the Cincinnati, Descendents of Charlemagne, Illegitimate Sons of the Kings of Britian, etc.... Still trying to find my dang Mayflower ancestor......If you need help tracing your roots I may be able to help. My work history.... I have put five retails stores out of business, became an electrician put two contractors out of business, brought the recession in the late 90's so there was little work in construction, did the dotcom thing, made it to Morgan Stanley, they liked my plan but wasn't asking enough money, told to come back though, the dotcom thing fell apart. Went back to contruction August 2001 at Newark Airport..... yep.... at Continental Hanger on 9/11, that job fell apart. Rode the post 9/11 building boom for the next year as many of NYC citys businesses fled. Was standing near my foreman when he switched on the elevators mains....they blew up over head (factory defect). Next stop the PATH tunnels. Missed the two maintenance trains that lost their brakes, my partner cut into a live 480v cable which blew up on us, was next to my 'new"partner when a battery back fell on him, no injury. Said hello to another guy a few hours before he cut into the 660 volt dc feeders that feed the trains. Luckily he lived. Temporarily blinded... Currently unemployed for the past 10 months. Last year I worked in the PATH train tunnels to Ground Zero. The first time I saw Ground Zero......... Same pic as my icon. The coolest and most dangerous job I was ever on. I live 10 minutes from NYC w/o traffic. Learned how to walk on the "downtown 6". And I don't have a 'JOISEY' accent. But you may ask what exit I live near.... (local joke to NJ people) Single.... can't imagine why .......... anybody want to go parachuting
  10. Burger King has that belt driven flame broiling thinggee....
  11. geez............pretty decent thread...... I think Mark Twain said it best.... When I was 15 my parents knew absolutely nothing by the time I was 24 I couldn't believe how much they had learned....... Its close to that. Back to the food fight.....food fights are ok. We had one start at work about a year and a half ago. It didn't go very far. Just a ketchup container... But both guys were fired. And since there no work at the "hall" one went back to Canada and other back to the Carolina's somewhere. You weren't involved and you just had to write an apology. Well, my advice is enjoy youth as long as you can....someday you'll look back and laugh. That somehow it was a tremendously horrible thing. I'm 37 and I am so completely unimpressed with adults and adulthood. Last week I had a 30 OSHA Safety course. The teacher (younger then me) insisted the word "ISSUANCE" was a mispelling of INSURANCE. The guy next to me (older) had trouble reading out of workbook that had a huge grammatical error in it. All within 5 minutes. I was ready to pop a headgasket on the teacher, laugh at the guy next to me and write a letter to the book company. I said screw it....moved on.... Another tip from the top. As my friends and I have started losing our parents over the past 9 years (in one year and a half we lost 3 fathers, alot of bar time that year). We talked about some of the things that they were hard on us about. Most of the stuff was incidental and pointless........ And even though they might have been wrong some of the time, they are human too....... and you'll still get sent to your bedroom when they are wrong. We would still give anything to have them back...with all their faults. SO.....unless your parents chain you to the radiator and shovel shaved ice at you trying to get a confession for why you didn't do your housechores I wouldn't worry too much about it. This too shall pass as they say.... just a thought........
  12. If I am not mistaken after you have downloaded so many megs per month you are either charged per meg or limited to dial-up. Also I think your upload speed doesn't really improve. I can't remember if its about the same as dialup. Its probably a great service if you surf the web. But gaming would probably be horrible. Again its been 3 years since I looked at it.....
  13. I picked up a used 24" flatscreen Sony that is HP slaps its moniker on at a local computer show. It still had its warranty and was only $500.00. If you go this route there is a lesser 24" that is not a flatscreen and is absolutely horrible. Once you go to a 24" you'll never want a 21" accept for a secondary.
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