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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. I set my flash to update automatically long ago and it doesn't ask me now that I can see. How would you change that setting afterwards? I do keep it updated and each time I have to do it manually so perhaps pcmatic is helping me with that???
  2. Yes that was kind of a no brainer. LOL. Thank you so much for your reply.
  3. I went to a site from search and clicked on a music file. I saw a small flash at the side of my monitor like a very fast download. Next a voice came through my computer speakers and said that my computer had been compromised. I then found a pop up on my screen instructing me to call microsoft at the number on the screen. I did not touch anything but used the task manager to close the site and pop up. I use pcmatic Evergreen and also keep malwarebytes pro on my computer to run manually. I use windows firewall and supershield. I ran extensive scans but nothing turned up. My concer
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