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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. I set my flash to update automatically long ago and it doesn't ask me now that I can see. How would you change that setting afterwards? I do keep it updated and each time I have to do it manually so perhaps pcmatic is helping me with that???
  2. Yes that was kind of a no brainer. LOL. Thank you so much for your reply.
  3. I went to a site from search and clicked on a music file. I saw a small flash at the side of my monitor like a very fast download. Next a voice came through my computer speakers and said that my computer had been compromised. I then found a pop up on my screen instructing me to call microsoft at the number on the screen. I did not touch anything but used the task manager to close the site and pop up. I use pcmatic Evergreen and also keep malwarebytes pro on my computer to run manually. I use windows firewall and supershield. I ran extensive scans but nothing turned up. My concern is because of an article I read about a virus or bad program that gets into your computer and silently collects sensitive information and you may never know it is there until you start getting strange charges on your credit cards and other unauthorized transactions. I have changed passwords on accounts but wonder if that would do any good if something is already in my computer collecting everything I do. I am also watching my accounts really close. Should I be concerned if I have not seen any evidence in over a week, and since my security programs did not turn up anything? I have Windows 7 Ultimate with latest service pack if it matters. Windows update on is on auto, pcmatic is on auto. I shut down and unplug my computer every night and also unplug my external drives.
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