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  1. THANK YOU! the swat team, u just gave me my new favorite site!
  2. Thanks.... The build is similar. I have looked at sites like that and I prefer newegg for my PC hardware but both sites don't have a selection of buttons and/or leds to choose from. Id rather not buy a whole new case just to rip out those tiny little parts...
  3. OK so I'm new here ^-^ I have been doing this custom PC thing for awhile now and now im builiding my own case from scratch. Which is cool but ....ugh so many issues. Anyway my build consist of the motherboad with video card, raid card, power supply, ect. in a Fish tank submerged in mineral oil. under this tank I have a cabnet with the hard drives and alllllll the cables ready to be hooked up to what ever i need in the future. My problem is hopefully simple. I have no idea the technical name of this, but it is the connector pins that you connect the power button,reset button, and LEDs to. I need to know where i can get extra long cables (hopfully green) and where i can get the power and reset button plus the little leds for HDD and CPU activity. Im actually not sure what type of leds you can get but i like blinking lights representing PC activity. Also the RAID card has these so ill need lots of little HDD leds. ALL of the buttons and LEDs will be mounted on the cabnet. Thanks for any and all info and help!!!!!! P.S. Incase you are wondering. WHY mineral oil. WHY WHY WHY. I didn't want to but I'm Water/Antifreeze cooling my system. The water passes through a freezer and it gets really cold... can't have water dripping on my PC!
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