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  1. Even if that is the fix that works for everyone, WHY did it just start today/yesterday for so many people? To me, just being told "oh yeah, run as admin" is not an indicator as to why I would need to run it differently starting now. Obviously something changed that is significant, either with in an update from Windows, or within PC Matic. THAT should probably be determined, imo. :-)
  2. After completing a PC Matic scan, and then selecting to "Fix All", I usually get a results screen at the end. This time, instead of getting a results screen, I received an error screen, and it directed me to these forums for help. I then had to kill PC Matic, as I couldn't get the error screen to go away. Upon trying to go back in to PC Matic, I received the same thing. Please see the attached file that shows the last "loading" screen I saw, and the other file, which shows the error screen that I received.
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