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  1. Well I figured since it came from Many sources that malware couldn't attach to just a little pieces
  2. I don't use them no more. I haven't used it since 2010 since it shutdown. I just read that article by tiversa and wondered how likely that particular malware of it changing your save folder with personal files happened. They made it sound like it was common and no one really has even heard of it. I'm thinking they are a little windy with their exaggerations
  3. But when it's bit torrent like the new frostwire. I hear it's not likely to get malware because it's coming from many different sources instead of just one downloading source
  4. Thanks I appreciate your insight. So you were saying for that particular malware that changes share folder settings would be close to 1 in a million than one in a thousand in your opinion? Correct?
  5. Thank you for your opinion. Yes I know it could happen. But just how likely. Like 1 in a million or every time you download a file type of changes.
  6. Have you seen malware change folders before on a p2p cause you said u seen it done. Which p2p network
  7. You have seen malware change a p2p share folder before? What folders do they generally make a available. Because limewire won't let you share your entire hard drive so they would have to add individual folders
  8. Well moving files to a different location and encrypting it and holding them ransom is one thing but moving them all to a programs share folder is different so I was clarifying. And easy to you might be hard for the other guy. I sure wouldn't know how to do it
  9. I understand that. I'm talking about downloading a file and have it embedded with malware and then it changes your share folder to add personal files into your p2p shared folder. So that users can download all your personal information on the p2p network. I know malware is out there all sorts but what's the likelyhood of this specifically in your guys opinion
  10. I have found several articles by tiversa saying malware can change save folders on p2p to move Personal files into the share folder so everyone on your network can access you personal files. Tiversa has some claims against them that makes me wonder if they are just saying stuff to scare people. https://cdn3.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/3709398/2015.01.02_Staff_Report_for_Rep._Issa_re_Tiversa.0.pdf Yes of course malware is on p2p most people think it's number 1 cause for viruses. Actually it's websites these days is what I read. But yes it could happen that malware would do this b
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