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    My interests are simple. And that would be to get my hacker to stop with his hijinx! He's already using my email to post comments in your forum's and I reap the rewards of getting to only post once. It's been going on over a year and 80k in the hole because of him. I'm happy and have a loving ,supportive husband. This WILL be our year Brandon!!! You'll be letting go of the Regins very Soon!!

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  1. you win for now brandon,but ill never stop. I just need some advice

  2. even get online at theli

  3. 40 devices wiped of their media and cant.

  4. entire life. yes i know how to post,but my hacker has almost complete autonomy even can shut my phone down. ive had 3 differrent emails assoiciated with fb accounts deleted. over 40.

  5. i will do anything to get rid of this hacker. idk if any of this is actually real. im 46 and have worked hard my.

  6. hacker is using 4 th email addy

  7. My stalker has thwarted me from posting for an hour . HTC ONE m8 rooted. Doesn't want me on the web. It took me an hour to get here. He wipes my texts, posts,pictures, music. Pw on friends Toshiba satellite on mother board help
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