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  2. Does that mean we have finished this thread?
  3. The Incredible Shrinking Woman---1982
  4. Hope he will recover soon. We'll be thinking about you and your family.
  5. I like this one, KD.http://www.majorgeeks.com/SIW_System_Info_d4387.html
  6. Georgia Bulldogs won. Atlanta Falcons won. Life is good.
  7. http://majorgeeks.com/IObit_Smart_Defrag_d5318.html
  8. Wish you the best, Fred. Get well soon.
  9. I have been using Comodo Registry Cleaner for a couple of weeks. Seems to work well. I have had no problems. Get it at http://www.majorgeeks.com/Comodo_Registry_Cleaner_d6030.html
  10. Just installed it on my lappy. I used an old 60GB drive I had laying around. I can tell that going from xp to 7 is quite a shock. If you have Vista not so much. First impressions are good but got a lot of playing to do. Install went well.
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