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  1. Yeah, you're right, but at this point I'm hopeless & kind of careless. I'm thinking of replacing the whole screen or just use it with a desktop monitor.
  2. Hi all, I have previously a problem with my HP HDX 16 display, as the screen was flickering and sometimes not showing. It was solved when I replaced the LCD cable a month ago. Now and suddenly, the laptop screen went off. I dismantled it, made sure every cable is in its place. Now, when I turn it on, the screen does not show properly. I just see bunch of flickering and lines turning off and on (http://youtu.be/f90uKynUpfs). I can connect my laptop with the HDMI output and it's displaying correctly on an external monitor. What could be the problem? Video Inverter? LCD Cable agai
  3. Hello guys, My laptop screen was blank all the time, and I was only able to use by connecting to the an external monitor with the HDMI cable. I have changed the LCD cable with a brand new HP cable, the screen is now working perfectly sometimes, but sometimes, it stays blank. By the way, I have a battery problem. My battery is not charging at all, I just keep it in the laptop for the sake of keeping it. Could it be the problem? The adapter is new (less than 6 months old). I have updated all the drivers. What could be the problem? Is it the inverter? Or the backlight? or the whol
  4. It's still not working. This what I'm doing: I connected the router with the internet cable connection. I connected the router to the network card on my pc. I run the wizard and chose Static IP Address. Then, I run DHCP, and run Enable MAC Clone. And it took the pc information with its pc and MAC address. The Network connection settings is as follows: - IP Address / DNS Automatically. - Use NetBios Settings from the DHCP Server. But still not working. What might be wrong? Can I keep the c
  5. Thanks. I got myself a wireless dlink router for $ 50. I will try the MAC cloning. I'll update the results.
  6. The ISP used to allow multiple IP's. This is why the hub was working easily. Now he's only allowing one IP. So using the router, can overcome this? I should connect the connection directly to the router, then to the hub, then to the computers at home? Or Can I connect the connection directly to my pc, then from my pc to the router, then to the others computers at home? Can the ISP know about using the router and then he doesn't allow this configuration to work?
  7. I guess I should get a router. It will work with any type of connection, right? (Dial-up, Cable, ISDN, Wireless, etc.....)
  8. Hi guys, The internet is connected directly to my pc through cable connection. I used to share it with 2 other pc's using a hub easily and the LAN was working too. Suddenly the internent stopped working on the other 2 pc's but the LAN kept working. Can it be caused by the ISP? Can using a router instead of switch solve the problem? Thanks.
  9. I guess this is the problem. I will put my other CD drive and make sure the lens and the CD are clean. I'll update you with what will happen.
  10. Ok, i'm reaching that but the chkdsk is freezing at 25%. What do you think is the problem?
  11. lou10

    No signal

    My problem turned out to be the Monitor. Just disconnect it from the Graphic Card and see if your hard disk work normally. If yes, like in my case, connect a smaller monitor and then it will work fine. Try it before you give up.
  12. lou10

    No signal

    I have same problem too, i post it here also. I will keep you updated of what will happen. My motherboard is passing the power through but when as it's happening with you, the system starts for few seconds and then turns off. I guess the sudden power shut off is causing such problems and maybe affecting some parts of the motherboard, but even one small piece is bad then you have to change it all and sometimes it's not worth it with old pc's. Hopefully this will be solved or the motherboard manufacturers will be very happy this month.
  13. You mean the floopy disk??? cause the CD Rom is not reaching this stage with the command prompt.
  14. Yes, but the first problem can be solved if I solve this one so please help!!!!
  15. No All the other boot options lead to the Windows XP Setup which it freezes when it reaches the Kernel files....
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