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    being in love, listening to music, spending time with my husband, spending time with my 2 dogs, Paris Hilton, and Max.
    Working in my greenhouse, arts and crafts, decorating, cooking, baking, always staying busy....redoing old furniture
    and the COLOR PINK!!!!

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  1. Hello, I know it's simple but how do you add other computers to your account? Duh....I know..... right now I just am using PC Matic on 2 out of the 5 that I am eligible and want to install it on my Acer tablet. Could someone tell me how? Thanks so much By the way.... I love PC Matic!! Esty from Texas
  2. Hello I might not be expressing this in the right place...but I just installed PC Matic on my PC and it's taken like 2 days. I still don't know if I'm supposed to do anything else...or what? It seems to be running much faster though and I am very happy about that. Not sure if my Super Shield is up because even though I have uninstalled McAfee, I'm not sure that they are not still there...lurching along with all of the bugs you killed for me!!! So I guess I need some advice on the actual operating process, and if it actually has wiped off all of the virus's it shouldn't have had on it...you know since I had McAfee..... But I used to watch Randy White when he played for the Cowboys and he's just great!!! Go Cowboys!! I live in Texas.... Somebody please tell me that this is a wonderful program that will save my computer. thanks Esty
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