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  1. Yeah I have ran scans. There is nothing. That seems like the only thing to do. I have tried way more stuff than you have recommended to no avail.
  2. I removed it manually. This caused everything to work under the TEST user. Under my regular login it caused something I have not seen since XP came out. Blue screen of death. Needless to stay it still does not work.
  3. I am no longer in the test environment and it does not remove mhLabel Class. I ran it again and it still didn't remove that one. The other two are gone.
  4. I click to install pcmatic activex and then I get a message at the bottom saying to disable enhanced protected mode. I can click run control or don't run. I click run and it just goes back to the install pcmatic activex. It is a loop that never ends. Oh and I do not even have enhanced protected mode enabled.
  5. Don't you sleep? Yes I tried running as admin. I used the tool and now the pc pitstop page does not load at all. Security Center PC Pitstop Error We're sorry. An error occurred processing the page you requested. If you have questions, please visit our support forums at http://forums.pcpitstop.com.
  6. Thank you for the response. I had done all of the things you suggested except repairing activex. I laughed at the definition of insanity and did them all again. No avail. I did create a user account and I thought it was going to work. I finally got the lets go button. I clicked it and got the utility and clicked ok. That was the end. It just hung. But when I go to text active x it is in fact working under the test account.
  7. When I click on scan this system. the next page comes up and that is it. I don't ever get the let's go button. I don't ever get the active x control bar. This started a few months ago. I have tried many things. I have deleted IE completely and reinstalled. I have deleted and reinstalled JAVA. I am definitely in 32 bit mode. I have tried run as administrator. I have set the active x controls to what your website says to set them to. When I try to text the activex it says active x not supported. The only thing that changed on the PC was IE 11 was downloaded. This is when tons of prob
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