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  1. I have solved the window popping up at the start even though kaspersky deleted the file it still remained on the start up on msconfig I disabled it
  2. hey thanks for responding im pretty sure I have a fire wall but im not quite sure what an open ip port is im pretty nooby to say the least at computers like this I solely rely on my anti viruses to clear this stuff I have AVG, McAfee, malwarebytes, avast, hitmanpro, and kaspersky im not quite sure how to get a save log you might have to guide me through it to make sure im giving the right info the window pops up a few seconds before the computer loads the desk top. The header is netsupport and it reads Cannot read file C:\Users\Christin\AppData\Roaming\system86\client32.ini (80). Please check this file exists and is valid. I have checked C:\Users\Christin\AppData\Roaming and there is no file named system86
  3. So I have been hijacked about 3 weeks ago through steam witch was used to take all of my inventory items after that I ran a scan with avg and it found a trojan and a worm I thought that ok thats done them but then I hear form a friend who got hijacked by the same person got re hijacked and said he did scanns with malwarebytes and all the usual anti-virus and malware stuff so I was scared luckily my acount is steam guarded until march the 6th I have downloaded loads of anti virus and malware software and the came up clean then i downloaded avast and it found a win32:malware-gen but that could have just been avast messing up. So then I downloaded kaspersky and it found and deleted a back door and a RAT when ever I restart windows it says in a window with netsupport a the top this file cannot be read (one of the files kaspersky deleted) please check it exists or is valid I look were it is stored and nothing is there what im asking is is my computer safe to re log into steam and email and all that stuff because formatting my hard drive is not an option for me and also if I may have help stopping that anoying pop up when ever I start windows about the start up file not being valid sorry I have not asked this question in the right place or haven't layed it out properly im very new in fact this is my first post here im pretty panicked and paranoid about what will happen
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