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  1. Hello, Just to report back - I performed all of the above instructions twice through. The first time through, Junkware found and cleaned 6 or 7 registry errors related to this issue which I was for sure would solve the problem. The others found some junk when they scanned too. However, this is some persistent malware and this did not solve the problem. I apologize I was unable to post the logs. My next step is to factory restore the device. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Hello, My mother-in-law has a nasty adware virus on her laptop called Offers4U. I have uninstalled all non-essential programs, uninstalled all Chrome Extensions, run PC Matic a dozen times, and even completely uninstalled and re-installed Google Chrome. Nothing seems to work and there is very little support for this online. I have made their laptop functional by finally installing adblock and popup block extensions for Chrome. This is working, but it is just a bandaid. I need this removed - any support is appreciated. PS - Why doesn't PC Matic remove this? Thanks
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