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  1. There's no doubt. May I make a contribution on your behalf to your favorite charity (or to you?) I've told a number of people how much support I got from you here. Truly remarkable. By the way, should uninstall the tools you recommended, change IE security back to medium high, change the settings for showing hidden files?
  2. No more scans or diagnostics? Business as usual? Won't you miss me?
  3. Seems okay. Hasn't gone off and rebooted on its own yet What do you think?
  4. Thank you! Done. Also installed all Windows Updates . . .
  5. downloaded and unzipped the chipset drivers from the link provided before. Actually did this twice, saving to Desktop on second go, to more easily locate. Three new files showed up on Desktop - ia64, X64 and Win7. Contents of Win 7 folder: 14 *.inf items and 14 *.cat items. What next?
  6. Ran disk defrag. C drive 0% fragmented. Something's there called Recovery that says 2% fragmented, but nothing happens when I click on defrag there. Now going for chipset drivers.
  7. Okay. Have moved virtually all docs, pics, sound & video to external hard drive. Turned machine on this morning and when I try to launch any MS Office app I get a window, "Preparing to Install" followed by "Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Single Image 2010". Was typing this message a little while ago and machine suddenly rebooted, not cleanly apparently as before because it offered me the chance to come up in safe mode. I let the installer for single image run and a few seconds later, Outlook and other MS Office applications will run. This is so weird. I'll defrag this
  8. Will do. Have already started moving all my resident document library contents to an external network hard drive. When that is done, will download the chipset drivers recommended.
  9. Yes, it's a Dell Precision T1500. So to be sure I understand: 1) You think it's a good idea to find and disable or install DSD. 2) If in the future I go to Dell online for anything, it will ask me to download again, and at that point I can decline, or will need to disable/unistall again. Not sure why, but after uninstalling DSD, went to IE/run as admin and Overdrive test then worked. Here is link to results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=25768030
  10. PC just rebooted on its own, logged into the machine and a program that runs on startup was stuck (again), so I went to task mgr and there was one other item there: DSD_2156---Running. I closed task mgr but didn't stop this program. Will shut the machine down overnight.
  11. I am running IE 11. Regarding ActiveX, also over in IE: What next?
  12. Also, the sfc/scannow completed and noted: Btw, PC hasn't been doing the random reboot and seems to be behaving
  13. Is the tool optimized for Explorer? I am using Firefox . . .
  14. Yes, of course. And the document was in my documents folder - it just magically appeared this time when I searched exactly as I'd done so before. How weird is that?
  15. I was able to finally locate the document, whew! Do you guys want me now to run . . . 1st: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker; and then 2nd: run an Overdrive Test ?
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