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  3. Hi; What make and model do you have please? Is there a Wifi card fitted? Most either have a switch or a key toggle to turn wifi on. What do you see when you open 'Network & Internet Settings'? If yo open device settings > network adaptors > are there any Wifi adaptors listed?
  4. lol and he was only trying to help!
  5. A guy is walking down the street and he sees his friend with a black eye. He asks him what happened. His friends says, "Well I was in church and..." The man interrupts "Church! How do you get hurt in church?" The friend continues, "Well I was sitting behind this woman Angelina, and after a while what with all the standing, sitting and kneeling, I noticed she had developed a wegie. Now me being a nice guy, I pulled it out for her. She turned around "WHACK" " The man says "I cant believe you did that", and continues walking. A week later he sees his friend again and he has another black eye. He asks him what happened this time and his friend responds, "Well I was in church again..." The man interrupts "CHURCH AGAIN? How do you keep getting hurt in church?!" The friend explains, "Well, I was sitting behind Angelina again and..." "Don't tell me you did it again" "I did not, after all of the standing, sitting, and kneeling, I noticed the wegie again..." "If you pulled it out again..." "I did not pull it out. This time he husband was with her an he pulled it out for her." "Now, I know she doesn't like that, so I pushed it back in."
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  7. How to enable WiFi compatibility hp windows 10
  8. hey hey hey Happy Birthday! btw nigsy, those cupcakes look mighty good!
  9. Me and 1000s of others ... running these tests has become a joke, and this was a wonderful place to get great advice. Fully complete all tests, have cookies exactly how they say, active X allowed and obviously active ... tried on 2 different machines, both exactly the same, get to the end and sit looking at a BS screen telling me I have not done anything. Lying to me about my cookie settings, lying to me about no session, how pathetic. I note also, many complain of this, yet there are no answers offered and the ones with a comment say the developers have been contacted. Well, for 3 years I have been seeing this anonymously, not bothering to log in, especially when the only reason to come here these days, is BROKE. Truly sad that the mighty $$$$ has overtaken the original site objectives, with this place, like so many good things, going to greed. The real reason things do not work for most, is so they can trap you into buying a full installed version.
  10. You, me and 1000s of others ... we wait ????
  11. Hola @CyberGeezer and Do you have a link for said Ad Remover? There are loads of products/extensions that say they're ad blockers, but in reality, some siphon your data and some get paid by ad services to have their ads shown. Tx 🤠
  12. Anyone know anything about "Ad Remover"? I am doing a trial run with it and it appears to be blocking ads and trackers from sites. Is this a good product or not?
  13. If you don't have separate sound card software..I would uninstall all the drivers; reboot the PC so it loads with the default windows ones and go from there.
  14. Running 8.1 Pro 32-bit. Under the Sounds, then Recordings, it lists two microphones, one is front panel jack and other is located in the internal ATAPI internal connector. Neither work, with and without headphones. Device manager says all drivers are up to date. And it displays them as functioning correctly, but when I go to test audio or try to speak to the control thing, no voice is registered. The only thing that makes any type of indication that it works at all is when I insert and remove headphones, it flares up for a brief second then goes back to showing silence. A few times I managed to hear myself coming from the speakers for a couple of seconds, but as soon as the other person said anything in the phone cal via appl, it stopped working. Don't know what else to do. Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.
  15. I know this is gonna be outside the "norm" for vids in this thread, but I think I'm not the only one here who appreciates hip-hop.
  16. Hola @Debbie Patton and I've passed this on to our Customer Support team, you'll receive an email from us. If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Tx 🤠
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    there's no options to delete my account so can you close it
  18. I use FireFox and have been unable to use or save my bookmarks and my history also. This has been going on for 3 or 4 months. The following is the message Firefox is showing on the top of my page when trying to log onto any website. The Bookmarks and history system will not be functional because one of Firefox's files is in use by another application. Some security software can cause this problem. I know this problem started with an update, whether it be from Firefox or PC Matic. I have been tempted to remove PC Matic to see if this is the problem. Can you help me with this issue. I have no idea what to do. I do know I need my bookmarks and history. Thank you for your help. Debbie
  19. These new gen chips are so much more resilliant when it comes to OCing plus cooling solutions are much more effective and I think we've all become more aware of proper cable mangement and airflows which all helps that final figure.
  20. Going to have to talk to 'She who holds the purse strings' got that new build itch!!
  21. @5.3GHZ all 8 cores , going to try and break the 50k mark before jumping on the 9900KS when it comes out man I used to have to run my old QX9650 on phase change Vapochill just to break the 5.2 mark .. I feel I can hit 5.4 no problem on water but will try this weekend 50203 @ 5.3ghz .. i can go to sleep now
  22. thanks guys upped to a RTX 2080super from the budget gtx1650 card (well multiple cards on the way to this one lol ) and 32GB Ram this gigabyte Board runs better with all 4 slots used (T Topology ) but I think if I start all over one of those new threadrippers look very tempting but i'm running at 5.3ghz all 8 cores rock solid but cant get this to post a pit test but i'll keep trying man I read about Caintry and IG a few weeks ago I had no idea what happened so sad ,, 2 great guys will be surely missed ,, sucks being out of it for so long
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