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  2. Hola @Evieand I do believe the pc must be on in order for the scheduled scan to complete. If it misses the scan, it should run next time the pc is on and connected to the internet. While what I'm saying might very well be correct, your best bet is to contact our Customer Support team. That can be done at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ Tx 🤠
  3. Does the scheduled scan run once the computer is turned on? I have a laptop scheduled to run at 12:05 am every day but the elderly friend who has the computer may or may not be turning it on every day. Would it run if the computer is just asleep?
  4. Tx Redneck I like your handle. Tx I am not really computer literate. I can hardly use a smartphone. I have somehow reset my password but still cannot get PC Matic installen on my new computer. I just cannot figure it out. Tried to go to their site but got really confused. You would think they would have something for us PC Dummies. I did see that they have my contract. Still could not get it on my new computer.
  5. Hi @BUYER BEWARE I see that you have submitted support requests to our help desk, but we have not received a response back to our replies. Could you please check your spam/junk folder for our email? When you find it, reply back to the ticket and we can help you get PC Matic working like it should on all of your computers? I look forward to hearing back from you!
  6. Hola @roger shaputis and Please double check that the password is being entered correctly. The password associated with your PC Matic account is case sensitive. If you have double checked the password and are still having trouble logging in, please press the forgot password link. This will send an email that will allow you to reset your password. If the password is changed via the mobile app, you will need to use the new password to login to PC Matic on your computer as well. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Tx 🤠
  7. TEX I really appreciate your help. I do not know how to do a manual scan/clean. I can not find where you do that from. All the pages that I can open does not give me that option. The maintenance statistics shows my startups are disabled as well as the scheduler being disabled. Your above answer is correct but I can not find anywhere where I can do a manual scan. I hope I am not being a pest but I am frustrated to the max. I have installed/uninstalled and tried everything that I can access and it still does not work. It would be so simple to speak with a tech and explain my issues instead of typing.
  8. I cannot down load PC Matic on my new computer.
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  10. Hey @Howco did we get your issues resolved? Tx 🤠
  11. Hola again @Randy S you should have received an email from one of our Customer Support team members to get you squared away. If you don't have an email in your inbox, check the spam box. Tx 🤠
  12. Hola @PC Matic sign in and To reinstall PC Matic or install the program on an additional computer, download and install the program by clicking the link below: http://pcmatic.com/download Once the program is installed, launch the application, and login to run the scan. For PC Matic, you only need to login with the same registered email address , and password as was previously used for the original installation. Do not click on the 'Register' or 'Edit' option or otherwise try to use the license key again. To reset your password click the link below: http://www.pcpitstop.com/support/#/kb/login-issue If you do not receive the link to reset the password in just a few minutes, be sure to check your junk mail folders both on the local email client and also at the online email program. Tx 🤠
  13. I have an account with PC Matic but it is gone now. How do I get it back? It's a great program and another one ate it up. Anything would be appreciated.
  14. I also get the attached message when trying to use your "HELP" page and the "SURVEY" link you sent me!!
  15. By the way. Every time I try and use your https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ there is no option that assists me. PLEASE provide SPECIFIC help details!!
  16. Getting error message when trying to update to new product key that I PAID for last night!! Please provide some HUMAN assistance with my problem, or give me my money back!!
  17. Hola and welcome back @BUYER BEWARE After running at least one manual scan and clean, to access the PC Matic scheduler, from the My PC's screen, click on the link under or by 'Next Test' to the right of the computer name that you want to schedule. If this is the first time, it will read as 'None Scheduled'. You can also run a scan and clean and there is an option in the upper right corner to set a schedule from the screen with the summary of fixes. Please make sure that you are logged in to PC Matic on the computers when it is time for the scheduled scan to run. The program does not need to be open, but you do need to just close PC Matic rather than log out. If you are logged out from PC Matic the scheduled scan cannot run. Also, if the computer is "asleep" or in hibernation when the scheduled scan is supposed to start PC Matic most likely will not be able to run. If the scan does not start or complete, PC Matic will send an email saying it was missed. Below is a link to a helpful video that shows you how to use the scheduler: Please let us know if we can assist further. Tx 🤠
  18. Hola @RPaineJr and Sorry for the trouble you're having getting logged in. If you'll open a ticket with our Help Desk, we can get this resolved for you. A ticket can be opened at the link below. https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ Thanks for your support! Tx 🤠
  19. When I go to the scheduler page down at the bottom is says my scheduler is disabled. How do I turn it on?
  20. Just resubbed and it still shows expired. I try to log into website to see status but it tells me my password is wrong. Have reset it but it still says it's wrong. This company needs a phone support #.
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