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  2. two I subsequently bought around to it the day prior to this and ran into the equal 'no session...' troubles other human beings have been having. two I already had Windows 10 mounted on one difficult pressure and did a easy installation on any other challenging pressure to exchange my Windows 8.1 system, so I tested Overdrive on both an historical Windows 10 set up these days updated with modern updates (it took four days to get it to boot after the function updates, which is why I used to be placing on to 8.1) and a new Windows 10 install. two I did run IE as administrator and uninstalled the PCPitstop check add-ons on the older device
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  4. My internet WILL NOT log onto pcmatic website. Im having a similar problem. All of a sudden, my pcmatic can't log in to scan. My ac5300 router thinks that pcmatic is a malicious site so it won't goto the pcmat page at all. I've turned off the firewall, updated firmware, logged in as administrator, and I still have the problem. Recently, my son's google pixel phone was infected with an xxs script virus. Now my internet is bogged down from constant attacks to my network. I changed passwords to 2G,5G-1, and 5G-2. Rebooted my router and its still the same. Pcmatic has been useless in detecting the virus.My Asus ac5300 newok security is what caught it. Any suggestions?
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  6. Recently moved to a new PC (Windows 10) and voice chat seemed fine just days after setting up, but I have been unable to use voice chat since then due to other people being unable to hear anything coherent from me. To best explain, my audio would cut out every few words. "I was sayi-----------------------ld be great." Person A, and myself, can't understand each other. Person B can't understand me but can hear Person A just fine. Using this knowledge in a friend group indicated that it was a problem on my end. We're baffled because nothing that I would assume would affect this has changed since the first time chatting on this PC - plenty of installed programs, but no tinkering with settings. On Discord, there is a 1-3 signal bar that indicates how good your connection is. When this is happening, it would go down to 1 bar for exactly 5 seconds, then go back to full bars for 5 seconds, then repeat. It happened so often that I counted to confirm this was happening consistently. We've tried other services with the same results. It doesn't appear to be a problem with the programs used to chat.
  7. I agree with nigsy's suggestion,that would be best.
  8. You don't have much infor,did you use boot disk to boot you computer?And if you want to get a new boot disk,you can make new one.
  9. Cleaning your computer regularly.
  10. I want to pin pcmatic to task bar
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  12. I have pc matic automatic renew do not have that computer anymore so i would like to cancel my subscription Thank you.
  13. Hola @carver and I'm assuming what you're hearing is the fan. Considering it's 3yrs old, you might try using canned air to blow the dust from the cooling system. To do this, power it down and blow into the exhaust, you'll likely get dust bunnies out of the fan. https://www.howtogeek.com/194479/how-to-clean-the-dust-out-of-your-laptop/ Hope this helps, Tx
  14. To start off with up front, I am computer illiterate. My HP laptop is approx 3 yrs old now. Its been a super computer and still performs well. I hardly ever heard it running till the last few weeks. It runs ALL the time now! I cant find anything running in the background and the only time it stops or slows down is when I put it to sleep. Why is it constantly running now? Any help on the matter would great. Thnx
  15. The memory has been running at 3600 18-19-19-39 1.35 since noon with no problems, including completing Windows Memory Diagnostics. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to complete Overdrive to see what difference it makes, but the AIDA64 memory scores are encouraging. ASUS's RealBench has similar problems, displaying a message about being unable to parse system specs which blocks uploads after completing the tests. This seems to have been going on for several years with no resolution. It's frustrating because the score looks good compared to the online database, but that might be partly because other high scores wouldn't upload. At least one of SiSoft Sandra's full system benchmark tests chokes on TRX40 systems, but hopefully this is a recent problem which will be fixed soon.
  16. Hola @Alan Schwartz and You can click on the green shield icon in the lower right corner of the Windows desktop screen by the time display, select Protection Level, then set the Blocking Notification Method to Prompt for Override (Advanced). The SuperShield icon should be in your system tray but it may be hidden by default. ========================================================== To unhide the SuperShield icon, click on the small triangle to the left of the Windows time (clock) in taskbar near lower right corner of the screen and then select Customize. Look for the green SuperShield icon and select the default display behavior as "Show icon and notifications" then click Apply. Once this is completed, SuperShield should always be displayed down the by clock. ========================================================== For Windows 10, Right click the Taskbar and choose settings, then click on Select which icons appear on the taskbar. Change PC Matic Super Shield to On. We recommend that you do not use the Industry Standard level of protection as that may allow your computer to still be infected by malware or viruses. Only SuperShield Protection will give your computer the best protection possible. Open the program in question again, and when the SuperShield blocking screen appears, add the programs to your local white list by clicking on the red "Always Allow" button, PROVIDED THAT YOU KNOW FOR SURE THAT THESE ARE LEGITIMATE PROGRAMS, or add them to the local black list by clicking on the green "Always Block" button to avoid seeing the warning screen for that specific executable. ADVANCED MODE IS ONLY RECOMMENDED FOR THE BRIEF PERIOD OF TIME TO WHITELIST AN ITEM. Please return Super Shield back to it's default "Super Shield Protection" level once the white listing has been completed. If you are not sure that it is a legitimate program please let us know the name of the program or the application you are trying to run and we will investigate the issue further. For a helpful video on how to complete the instructions listed above, please click the link below: Should you need further assistance, our Help Desk is available 365 days a year and can be reached at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ Tx 🤠
  17. Hola and I'm sorry for what you're dealin with, but I think your best bet is to get a new phone number on a new phone, have the old turned off and change your password on the email account to one she can't guess. You might even go so far as to get another email account. Tx 🤠
  18. PCMatic keeps blocking updates from Grammarly. How do I add it to the whitelist? On my wife's computer, Groove is blocked.
  19. Hi @Bob Gibson Our support team has responded to your help desk support ticket with the steps to resolve the issue. If you haven't seen the email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder.
  20. Hi @Gruns We have replied to your email support ticket. If you don't see our email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder.
  21. Hey @William Dozier and Here's our publication on this topic. https://techtalk.pcmatic.com/2019/01/22/microsoft-ends-windows-7-support-2020/ Tx 🤠
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