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  2. Good evening, my question is how do I add a computer to my account?
  3. I see where I can show what computers are using PCmatic but not how to remove one I no longer have.
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  5. Holy cow! Yall watch out for Big Hig, he's turned a good portion of his btc mining farm to [email protected] for our team. He's a coworker and a cool cat! https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_summary.php?s=&u=1054366
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  7. hi, i've had similar problems for a long time (also with eve and other multitasking stuff) my internet drops mostly when i have 2 av-ccounts up and then try to run a video on youtube i'm not that into tech stuff like some people above; so reading about the cpu not able to handle stuff is shutting down the network driver is new, but sounds logic now, why i post here, i haven't had any problems for months just because i turned off my windows defender!! i know it's not a good idea, but i did it anyway as a test, i turned it on a week ago, and those problems suddenly reappear! i have no idea how to explain this, but maybe you guys can is it maybe a good idea to get a non on-board lancard? would that maybe help? Bart
  8. Open the Play store to ensure it did install, if it did, you'll have an icon in the app drawer.
  9. Well I finally was able to remove or disable some apps. I ended up uninstalling the one I was trying to update. I reinstalled but I can't find it????????
  10. Thank you for contacting PC Matic Customer Service. Your description of the issue indicates that the fragmentation is most likely in the restore points. You can either run Windows Disk Cleanup and delete all but the last restore point, or, if necessary, turn off System Restore, reboot and defrag with PC Matic, then turn System Restore back on (and be sure to manually create a new restore point) and you should see improvement. If the fragmentation is not in the restore points, then it is in some other system file that cannot be defragged because Windows is using it when the defragger runs. The next step is to see if the fragmentation is in the page file or the hibernation file. To defrag the page file simply delete it then recreate it. The instructions here will describe how to do that: http://forum.thewindowsclub.com/windows-tips-tutorials-articles/32471-disable-delete-recreate-paging-file-windows-7-a.html If the issue still remains, then do a search on the system for a file named hiberfil.sys. If that exists it will need to be deleted as well. Windows will recreate it as needed. You can follow the instructions from here to do that: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/15140/what-is-hiberfil.sys-and-how-do-i-delete-it/
  11. GUNS! So good so good to see you bubba! You do what you can, you've gone waaaaaay above and beyond on giving. Tx
  12. Here ya go ma'am. https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/how-to-delete-apps-in-android/ Tx
  13. Hello, You can click the Master Reports button in PC Matic to see the results of previous scans and what was removed. You can click on the green shield icon in the lower right corner of the Windows desktop screen by the time display, select Protection Level, then set the Blocking Notification Method to Prompt for Override (Advanced). The SuperShield icon should be in your system tray but it may be hidden by default. ========================================================== To unhide the SuperShield icon, click on the small triangle to the left of the Windows time (clock) in taskbar near lower right corner of the screen and then select Customize. Look for the green SuperShield icon and select the default display behavior as "Show icon and notifications" then click Apply. Once this is completed, SuperShield should always be displayed down the by clock. ========================================================== For Windows 10, Right click the Taskbar and choose settings, then click on Select which icons appear on the taskbar. Change PC Matic Super Shield to On. We recommend that you do not use the Industry Standard level of protection as that may allow your computer to still be infected by malware or viruses. Only SuperShield Protection will give your computer the best protection possible. Open the program in question again, and when the SuperShield blocking screen appears, add the programs to your local white list by clicking on the red "Always Allow" button, PROVIDED THAT YOU KNOW FOR SURE THAT THESE ARE LEGITIMATE PROGRAMS, or add them to the local black list by clicking on the green "Always Block" button to avoid seeing the warning screen for that specific executable. ADVANCED MODE IS ONLY RECOMMENDED FOR THE BRIEF PERIOD OF TIME TO WHITELIST AN ITEM. Please return Super Shield back to it's default "Super Shield Protection" level once the white listing has been completed. If you are not sure that it is a legitimate program please let us know the name of the program or the application you are trying to run and we will investigate the issue further. For a helpful video on how to complete the instructions listed above, please click the link below: Please let us know if we can assist further.
  14. My data fragmentation is above 30% after running two full scans on a Toshiba 8. Is there anyway to fix this data fragments?
  15. Is there a way to look at what viruses and malware were removed? Also if it detects something suspicious is there a way to turn on a quarantine type activity instead of deleting it automatically? Had a program for my laptop that was removed and it wasn't a virus or malware. Thanks!
  16. Not able to fold full time but will when my ole rig is not in use.
  17. Yah, looks like it's time to upgrade. BTW (I told you I'm dumb when it comes to phones) how do you uninstall an app? I was able to clear cache but I couldn't figure out how to uninstall.
  18. I know very little about computer parts so I suspect you're correct. I couldn't even find anything about a HITACHI_ DK23DA-40B though I have a few HITACHI_ DK23DA-40F drives. However, they are not external drives. OPs comment about having a PIN made me think Bitlocker... but I'm involved in a discussion I know little about.
  19. @nigsyit makes me think that the USB mentioned to encrypt also puts write protection on place. Te
  20. 5 options.....root that bad boy!! and install a lighter custom ROM. The reality is, the specs on that phone are not powerful enough to run the latest Android OS and give you a good user experience; the internal memory will struggle with the latest OS (11) with some users of the BETA release reporting up to 16gb of space being reserved for system. I'm with TX - if you can afford it, and it's an option; upgrade your phone.
  21. The SE201 is the HDD model number - It's a Hitachi drive - The SVEN is a totally different product. Like you though i 'm curious to know exactly how it's been encrypted? We use USB encryption at work - So the encryption code on the external drive looks for the unlock code from a thumbdrive - a bit like the old CISCO VPN number generators. Even with encryption - Does Boot and Nuke not do the trick?
  22. Oof, after lookin your device up and checking its specs, you have 4 options. 1. Uninstall apps that aren't essential, regardless if you occasionally use them. 2. Try adding a micro SD card to moves pics and app data(that it'll allow) or possibly use as internal storage . 3. Factory reset the device and start completely "clean", as if it's a new device. 4. Buy a newer, unlocked device(Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL are fantastic and affordable) that will work with the sim card in your current device. Tx
  23. Can you tell us which of these is what you have? https://m.gsmarena.com/zte-phones-62.php Tx
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