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  2. CB and I spent many years sitting side by side fishing all night long. When he talked about forum members he always had a smile on his face, he was so proud of the dedication towards helping find cures by the folding team. I was blessed to have him as my friend for so many years living just down the street about tree blocks away. In my heart I know God has a special place for him helping others!
  3. He was a good man, see the impact he made on us.
  4. Thanks guys it was a long time coming. Looking forward to getting hard tubing some time in the future,
  5. Thanks for bringing me back CB.....Never Forgotten!!
  6. I really need to break down and buy me a new PSU. I'm not lying when I tell you I'm running a 750W PC Power and Cooling Silencer model....no joke. They made the best back in the day and this proves it though it's only been in actual use the last 4 or 5 years as I kept it in the closet...lol. Gone thru 2 other supposed higher end PSU's but this unit has been rock solid.
  7. Seems to be running ok with the 650Ti but not with the 1650 Super. Not sure what the problem is. Don't want to RMA the 1650 only to have them tell me nothing is wrong with the card. Kinda thinking it might be a PSU issue, but don't have an extra to test with.
  8. Looks like close to a gig on the one I'm folding right now 871Mb. Like you I've never paid much attention to it. I do monitor my overall ram usage and seldom above 50 percent and I run quite a bit of stuff at times on 16Gb. I ran 8 for the longest time and started reaching around 75-80 percent and decided to add another stick. Never imagine I'll need much more than that.
  9. I've never really paid attention, nor is it a problem as I have plenty of ram, but has [email protected] always used 1Gb+ram?
  10. https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_summary.php?s=&u=382183
  11. Thanks for "checking-in" had been wondering about ya for some time....the folding is just icing on the cake....
  12. Guns! Good to see you bubba and glad to hear you got your rig built! I'll be lookin at your ppd! Tx
  13. HA! I'd feel the same if someone offered me more for one of my bikes, a good one is scarce as hen's teeth right now. Tx
  14. New to me the PC is built and folding sure will be fun to see what it can do in a full 24 hours. Had a lot of the parts for quite some time but after the last stroke was unable to put every thing together myself. A new club Brother who knows computers built it for me he sure did a nice job. Will see if he can do pictures the next time he visits.
  15. Keeping the card for now. Pondered over the weekend and concluded I'd worked too hard to get it to give it up.....fold on.
  16. Thank you for contacting PC Matic customer service. Please follow the instructions at https://pcmatic.com/add-device to add a device to the account. If you require further assistance, Product Support is done through our email-based Help Desk that can be reached at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ or now, from within the PC Matic application. Our Help Desk is the official source, and fastest way, to receive support for PC Matic products. If you require telephone and or remote support, we offer this through our PC Matic+ service. More info on it can be found at https://www.pcmatic.com/plus/ Thanks again for your patience and we look forward to getting this fixed for you! Tx @nigsy Thanks for the mention, that guide has an outdated link, I'll get it cleaned up.
  17. Did you try the guidance in the thread above? Hopefully it's still relevant; I'll tag @Tx Redneck in just to check.
  18. I would like a reinstall please. Could you please quide me.
  19. Earlier
  20. That's fair bubba, take care and fold as you're able. My points will be down for a few days, I remoted into my desktop while traveling and forgot it doesn't auto reconnect to the weefees, post reboot. Tx
  21. Once these cards become more readily available I plan on getting another but for now I couldn't pass on the amount of money the card commands.
  22. You get this resolved dickster?? I haven't checked in for a bit....
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