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  2. I switched it with another monitor and the 2nd monitor works fine. I need a 27 inch not a 24.if my 27 is broken, I need suggestions for another 1080p web browsing monitor.
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  4. If your gpu has multiple hdmi ports, try the other. If it corrects, congrats, if it doesn't, try another display.
  5. Last night one of my monitors did something weird. There is a horizontal line (taskbar but very thin) about 3/4 the way down the screen. Under the line there is the same image but scrunched up. There is flickering. I have changed out the hdmi cables and made sure they were in there securely. It had been working perfectly before. I don’t know what happened. I tried rebooting and turning the monitor off and on. When I turn the monitor back on, it is fine for abut 2 seconds then lines start from the bottom and go up the screen and I get the image I described. thanks in advance
  6. This article should help you https://www.techwalla.com/articles/the-best-way-to-clear-a-laptop-before-returning-it-to-an-employer
  7. They are two old computers that My wife was given to use over time. One is so old that if will not run win 10(has not been used in a few years but she has to turn in). The other runs win 10 and crashes all the time or runs so SLOW . Wife used own computer a lot of times. Wife wants to gt any personnel info off . I was going to just reformat but would like to erase every ting for her peace of mind.
  8. Hi Bob, give us the specs of your computer and we'll walk you through it. Are you going to give it away for parts, sell it or up-grade it ... just for us to know.
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  10. Hello @NRP PC Matic Mac is currently in a beta release, which means a version of the program is available for installation while the final release version is still being developed. To address your specific issue, I have opened a ticket via our email help desk. Please check your email and reply so we can investigate your issue further. Thank you
  11. I told him hbd for yall in CO chat.😁
  12. @Tx Redneck I don't understand your post Tx Redneck. I just purchased and downloaded the PC Matic for MAC and paid $150. I am actually having trouble with getting it to work (Says my device is not connected to our server). Is the software not developed? If so, how do I get a refund?
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  14. Hey @Linda M and Thanks for your interest in our software! At this time, we are developing PC Matic for Apple computers, but have nothing for iPhone. Tx
  15. Yes there is no problem in doing it.
  16. Is PC Matic NOT for Apple products? How about iPhones?
  17. Are you certain you're allowed to do that? It could be perceived as destruction of Company property and I'm not sure we can recommend anything to you as it's not owned by you. Sorry, Tx
  18. I want to wipe my company computer totally. What program can I either load in or load from CD that will enable me to totally wipe my computer. I do not care if win is totally wiped in doing so.Have to hand in old computers before I leave.
  19. Hello @Jane Thompson and Thank you for the feedback ma'am, I will pass this on to the marketing department. Have a great day! Tx
  20. I like your business, products and usually your TV ads. However, I do NOT like the current one with the young girl telling us what she hates. I think we have enough hate in this world without hearing a young person use that word so freely. Just my opinion as a grandma who cares what her granddaughter listens to.
  21. Hey @TOM Z and No sir, it should not be taking that long, sorry you're experiencing problems with PC Matic. If you'll open a ticket with our help desk, we will be able to get some info from you to get this resolved ASAP. A ticket can be at opened at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ Tx
  22. my scan takes over 24 hours to complete is this normal
  23. I hate autocorrect! It's becoming my worst enema.
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  25. Hello @Mike B. Martisko and Sorry you're experiencing difficulties with PC Matic, let's see if we can get ya squared away here. From the two screen shots you shared, it appears that you at least have one, potentially two other real-time antivirus' on the pc currently. The 2 tone(yellow and green) icon with the + sign and ! sign indicates Qihoo Security 360 being installed, this could very well interfere with PC Matic operating as you'd expect. We're also going to follow up on the 2 responses to your ticket you'd opened on July 20th as it seems that line of communication has broke down. Our email support queue is the most expedient and best way to get help for PC Matic products. From your description, not being prompted with the certificate for the Active X control means either it's being blocked by security software or the control has a problem, such as a dependent DLL file not being present on the computer. Try first shutting off any real-time security programs or firewalls that could be a source of interference with the Active X. Next, open Internet Explorer and go to: Tools | Manage Add-ons | Add-ons currently loaded in Internet Explorer and also | Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer and verify that all Active X add-ons from PC Pitstop are enabled. If the issue persists, make sure that you are both installing and running PC Matic from an administrator account. You can right-click on the icon(s) and select 'Run as' and assign an administrator account. Next, run the Windows registry repair tool from the link below: http://files.pcpitstop.com/support/Repair-ActiveX.cmd If you are using Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 first save the file above to your desktop, then right-click on the saved file and select, "Run as administrator". When you run the tool you should see a command window open and be able to watch the tool's progress. The tool may appear to 'hang' once or twice, but if you wait the tool should complete. If that does not help, set http://pcpitstop.com as a trusted site in the Internet Security Options (Start>Control Panel>Internet Options>Security>Trusted Sites>Sites>Add). Remove the check mark by "Require server verification (https:)..." if necessary. If you are using Vista, make sure PC Matic is starting from an administrator account by right-clicking on the icon and selecting 'Run as administrator' to start or install the program. The browser cache may also need to be cleared as PC Matic may be trying to load from a damaged page in the cached files. In IE6 go to Start>Control Panel>Internet Options>General>Temporary Internet Files>Delete Files >put a checkmark by "Delete all offline content" then click OK>OK. For later versions of Internet Explorer go to Start>Control Panel>Internet Options>Browsing History>Delete> and click the button to delete the temporary Internet Files, then click 'yes', 'close', 'OK'. If the issue persists, to verify whether or not the issue is a software conflict, try running the program from Safe Mode with Networking to determine if the problem is with a third-party application interfering. Click the link below for instructions on entering Safe Mode With Networking. http://techtalk.pcpitstop.com/2015/08/26/starting-windows-in-safe-mode/ The screen will look different because the video driver is not loaded. That will return to normal after a reboot. To run program, you may need to go to Start>Programs>PC Pitstop> if the desktop icons are not present. If the computer connects to the Internet using a wireless connection, it may be necessary to connect using an Ethernet cable in order to have Internet access from Safe Mode with Networking. Tx
  26. Hello @Art GaNung and To install PC Matic on another computer (or to reinstall on the same computer) you just need to download and install the software, then login using the same email address and password as was used for the original installation. Do not try to create an account, use the license key, etc. Just login. If you need a password lookup you can do that from the login page. You can download and install PC Matic from our customer service page at any time, or directly from this link: http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/get.asp?prd=pcmatic&aff=0002
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