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  2. Hey Tx! Yeah, it's been awhile. It's been a crazy time too. Interestingly enough, my last post was on March 9th, 2019, and I haven't left my house unless it's absolutely necessary since March 9th, 2020, two days before California went into lockdown. Even when they lifted the lockdown, we have stayed home as much as possible. Both the love of my life and myself have COPD and various other health issues that make us a high risk for Covid-19 problems. And after we waited for months for a vaccine from Johnson and Johnson because it was a single shot and we would only have to go out once to get it, now the CDC is saying we need boosters. But they've also been saying you might need them for the two shots vaccines. I have week numbers showing on my desktop calendar, and it's been 84 weeks since March 9th, 2020. Counting each trip to Costco for the bulk of our groceries and to the local Winco grocery store for stuff Costco doesn't have cheaper (or at all) once every two weeks, to my pain specialist once every three months for occipital nerve blocks (if you have Cervical Stenosis and you don't want neck surgery, they're almost mandatory for pain relief), a few Dutch Bros Coffee runs after they lifted the lockdown and before Delta was discovered and maybe a time or two for who knows what that I'm forgetting about, that adds up to about 60 times we've been out of the house at the very most in all that time. Of course, we always wore masks, washed our hands what used to be described as "obsessively", and changed clothes immediately after getting home. So far, we're still kickin'. (Knock on wood!) Anyway, thanks for the info but that isn't the problem. It doesn't start doing that 20% Iffy / 80% nothing thing after I start transferring data, it starts immediately after the drive is plugged in, and it continues until the drive is disconnected, whether it's transferring any data or sitting idle. Not to mention, my computer is 5 years old, has been running fine prior to this, and have never had any driver problems. There is only one jumper on the mainboard and it's for clearing the CMOS, which is still set correctly and CMOS has not been cleared. Since I blew the dust out and moved the Logitech dongle the other day, Avast has popped up a thing saying my computer has driver problems four different times, and it's never done that before. However, that could be either a confirmation of my thinking it's a driver problem or a result of my searching Google for info on that, and it's yet another Avast ad popup trying to get me to go Pro. Which I would do "if'n I wern't po" as my Mom used to say, but my bottom line says "Nope, not today." So I'm still looking for a solution. I don't want to mess around with all the different USB controllers and make this problem worse... Which you know I could easily do now days.
  3. Hola @Ax Slinger, long time no see! If you're using a wireless mouse+kb and have a device connected near its receiver and transferring data, it will interfere with the mouse's operation. To confirm it's the problem, when it starts exhibiting this behavior, move the mouse closer to the receiver and see if the problem goes away. My computer does this every time I plug something in that's also transferring data, I have to move my mouse to the other side of my desk till I'm done with the other device. Hope this helps, Tx
  4. Hey Ya'll! I have a question... I think I need to update the USB driver that allows my external hard drives to work. So here's a little background info about what happened. The other day I opened the case up to blow the dust out. I've done that many times before without any problems, but this time instead of just blowing out the dust, I also disconnected a DVD drive I no longer use as it's getting old and doesn't always open properly, and I moved the USB dongle for my Logitech keyboard and mouse from the front panel into a USB extension cable plugged into a USB 3.0 port in back. I had used the cable before for about 2 years and I assumed it worked fine. But about two years ago the dongle in it died, and when I was changing it, I dropped the cable and it fell behind my desk. But I didn't get the dongle plugged into it, and rather than unhooking everything so I could get behind the PC and pull it out, I just plugged the dongle into one of the two USB 3.0 posts on the front panel. Everything worked fine so I left it that way. Fast forward to now when I store the vast majority of my software on two external 8Tb drives, i decided I needed to get that front panel port back, so I moved to the old method. But now it's having problems. When I start the computer, everything is fine and my USB keyboard and mouse work fine. After awhile it starts to get weird, working semi-ok about 20% of the time, and the rest of the time it does nothing. After a day or so I thought it was the dongle again, so I went to Costco and bought a new mouse, and used the don't to replace the old one. After switching them out it seemed fine, but then started doing the same thing again. This time I was paying closer attention and notice as soon as I plugged in one of my USB drives was when it got wonky. So I restarted the computer and surfed the net for about half an hour, without any problems. Then I plugged in one of the drives and once again it went to 20% Iffy / 80% nothing again. So now I'm convinced it's a USB issue. But what do I do to fix it? I have no clue. As usual, off to Google I went, and searched for "How to Update USB Drivers", but I had no idea there was more than one. So which one of these is the right one? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! And as always, Thank You Very Much... Ax
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  6. All the best...hope you have a good one.
  7. https://tec1.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002462892-Endoscopic-WiFi-camera-12-0135-Black-screen I found this , HD SEE app was in the app store and works with the camera.
  8. I bought a wifi endoscope camera from amazon a couple yrs ago to connect to my iphone. it was working fine at the time, but the app (MOQO view) is not working anymore and it's no longer available on the app store. I've seen some youtube videos that say you can re download the app from a list of past purchases but I haven't been able to find it that way either. I can still connect to the camera via wifi, but I have no way to access the camera since I don't have an app to launch. I also tried to connect it to my pc running windows 10, windows said it installed the software successfully but I don't see the camera show up. this is the same camera i bought https://www.amazon.com/ABASK-Semi-Rigid-Inspection-Megapixels-Waterproof/dp/B075N5PP8V does anyone know a workaround way for me to connect to this thing? kinda sucks that it just stops working because the software doesn't work now, and there's nothing I can do about it.
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  10. Hope you have a good one!! Have one on me bud , cheers.
  11. There is a chance that the driver is corrupt. However, your system will still say that you already have the best driver unless you delete it. Then you can have it find and reinstall the driver. This site appears to have good directions for deleting the driver. I would only use the manual directions. Don't use their automatic driver garbage. https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/qualcomm-atheros-wireless-adapter-qca9377-driver/
  12. He's alright, I don't care what anyone says about him. Tx
  13. Congrats to Hucks he has joiined the 100 million milestone group. Fold on!
  14. See if you can get the latest driver from here: https://www.qualcomm.com/products/qca9377 Looks like it's 2019 - so not that up-to date, but might work better than the generic windows driver.
  15. Hola @Martin B and You could grab an inexpensive, USB wireless adapter and call it a day. That's what I'd do if my integrated wireless adapter was givin me grief. Hope that helps, Tx
  16. I tried to update the drivers in windows but it's using the best available so it says. What are my options apart from a trip to the repair shop guys? Cheers
  17. Hola yall! I know this will be difficult for some, but as a means to make our forums more secure, we need to change the manner in which we login. Currently you're able to login with your username and is less secure than using your email address associated with your forum account. If you're unsure of what email address you used when you created your account, you can check like this. Once you're logged in, click your username at the top right, click Account Settings and your email address will be listed there. If you no longer use that email address and would like to change it, this is the place for you to do just that. We plan to roll this change out on 10/28/2021 so we all have time to prepare. Thanks for you understanding and patience!Tx
  18. Why am I just now getting the 1 year in badge when I joined in 2017????

  19. Not only all of the above you have been a dedicated member of our folding team since 10-12-15.
  20. Happy birthday T.E.K. Many Many Returns of the Day.
  21. Happy birthday bud, hope you have a good one!!
  22. Hola @fuserx and All of our product support is done through our email-based Help Desk that can be reached at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ or now, from within the PC Matic application. Our Help Desk is the official source, and fastest way, to receive support for PC Matic products. If you require telephone and or remote support, we offer this through our PC Matic+ service. More info on it can be found at https://www.pcmatic.com/plus/ Thanks again for your patience and we look forward to getting this fixed for you! Tx
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