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  2. Happy Birthday lorriehe! Haven't seen you around for a while...but have a good one. The lights are still on and the doors' open!!
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  4. Right on, I haven't messed with overclocking in a while, haven't needed to with your typical modern computer. I would say though, if you're unfamiliar with OCing, be very careful or just don't do it, you can kill your computer. Tx
  5. Hola @John Clark and Is this software of yours meant for overclocking or related to monitoring a computer post overclock? Just trying to get a sense of what it is so I can make sure this post is in the subforum that will net the best exposure and help. Tx
  6. Hello Everyone I am a newcomer to this forum. basically I am a developer by profession. Recently I am trying to develop HR business strategy but while I am developing, my pc software is crashing every time. But I am unable to spot is issue. I need to find and rectify that particular issue due to my development time. Can anyone from here please check once and let me now about that with steps. Thanks in advance.
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  8. Ty gryebeau! And thank you too @Guns for faithfully posting grats for our team members! Tx
  9. Congrats gryebeau for your 9 million milestone.
  10. I tried a restore point of 12 days in past and computer unable to do restore point.
  11. I think blank. I see press F2 or delete than nothing.
  12. I have a win 10 desktop about 7-10 years old. When I start the computer I get a black or blank screen. If I hit F2 it some times it continues to load. Would like to keep going for a while with all the problems getting computer parts or chips.
  13. Definitely not going unnoticed, always watching the numbers...
  14. Earlier
  15. Thanks for the help. The problem with TV Bluetooth is it is a higher power which is different bluetooth for hearing aids. Meaning the hearing aid Bluetooth is low powered. This is what I have find out from hearing aid companies. So yes ,i will have to buy the box for the TV.
  16. I've been at the hospital with my wife for the last 10 days. I can assure you that this is so true.
  17. Just for future record, my suspicions were correct, I installed the drive into my PC (connected it to a sata cable instead of the external USB 3 drive bay) it formatted in several hours. Lesson learned, I shall install larger drives inside the case in future then add them to the drive bay once formatted. I always full format a new HDD, can't always trust Yodel drivers, plus the box had clearly taken a knock at some point.
  18. Hola, While larger drives do take longer to format, that's excessive. I don't believe connecting internally will matter. I'd restart the machine altogether as a first step, then ONLY use quick format. Hope this helps, Tx
  19. Begining to think I should have installed my HDD inside the PC to format it. I have put a new 10TB HDD into a Yottamaster USB 3 drive bay, it is running through a UGreen USB 3 Swapper into a USB 3 port on back of my PC. Could this be why it has only formatted 13% in 24 hours? Should I cancel the format, install the drive inside the PC, connected to Mobo, and format it, or will this make little difference?
  20. Have a fun and safe trip. Tx
  21. Going away for a few days next week so folding rig will be down. @Tx Redneck Also won't be around for Admin duty
  22. Congrats to AnonymousTinker1949 for his 400 million milestone he just keeps marching on.
  23. Congrats to one of our long time folders and our very first 2 billion milestone folder. devan Your dedication is unquestioned thank you.
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