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  3. Hi @rroget and @dboyd, We have resolved the issue, please visit https://www.pcmatic.com/consumer/ to purchase PC Matic. Please let us know if you encounter any further issues.
  4. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are investigating the issue now and will post again here once it has been resolved.
  5. PC Matic Error We're sorry. An error occurred processing the page you requested. If you have questions, please visit our support forums at https://forums.pcmatic.com. same here
  6. Hola @rrogetand My apologies for the inconvenience, I'll pass this over to our Customer Support team right now so one can help you out directly. Thanks for your support and patience! Tx
  7. "PC Matic Error We're sorry. An error occurred processing the page you requested. If you have questions, please visit our support forums at https://forums.pcmatic.com." When I click on "buy" or just the the link to the home product to buy.
  8. Please have a look here: https://www.digitalcitizen.life/how-learn-copy-windows-7-windows-8-activated Note: Links to bypass security or cracked versions are not allowed on these forums.
  9. How to Check Windows Is Genuine or Cracked which is installed on PC? Only give an easy way.
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  11. Happy Birthday; hope you have a good one!
  12. Hola @Glenn Sonne and This is an interesting one I've not seen before, I'll pass it on to our developers to see what's going on. Thanks for your support and patience! Tx
  13. Just for fun, 15 years later .... Samsung 750 EVO - 500GB .... Acer aspire 5 Every day laptop,
  14. PC Matic is running fine for me, aside from the "World Rank" portion of my scan results. I tried moving back to a prior settings for my options (for the scan feature) but this has not resulted in any improvement. I also tried disabling PC Matic Super Shield while I did another scan. Again, no "World Rank" results. Aside from this I am very pleased w/ PC Matic. NO viruses or issues encountered since install. I consider this a "bug" or maybe even I messed up a setting, but just don't know how. My scans work fine, and otherwise I am pleased. thank you for any advice
  15. Hola @Blabbs and All of our product support is done through our Help desk. It can be reached at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/. Our Help Desk is the only official source, and fastest way, to receive support for PC Matic products. Thanks again for your patience! Tx
  16. So far PCMatic support is a bad joke. All you do is get directed to the same useless page no matter what you click on.
  17. Suddenly my Yahoo Mail account has gone south me. Only a few emails appear in the "In-Box" and then the rest are blank. I can’t delete or answer an email or send an email. I was told that this has something to do with a driver. I thought PCMatic was supposed to resolve this type of problem. What’s going on? And what happened to PCMatic Email Support. Very Frustrating Not Getting Any Service From PCMatic.
  18. Hola @E Robert Soracco and I've passed this onto our Help Desk, please keep your eyes open for an email from us. Thanks for your support and patience! Tx
  19. ORDER NUMBER: 4606591 10/11/2020 I PURCHASED FOR $150.00 life term membership for my home and office computers. I need now to install PCMATIC in my 3 office computers. Please send instructions. TICKET # VGX-212-42304 E Robert Soracco ALIF INC
  20. Hola @ClientsFirst and Thanks for the heads up, we're aware of the issue and actively tracking it down. Thanks for your patience and support! Tx
  21. Hi @fdkpdx Sorry for the delay. Ticket volumes are rather high at the moment. We're working to reply as fast as possible. Please check your email for a response within a few minutes. (If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder).
  22. Hola @glentaylor and My apologies for the inconvenience, the problem should now be resolved. If you're still experiencing issues, please reach out to our Help Desk at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ Thanks for you patience and support of our software. Tx
  23. Many broken links still exist including the support link posted in your message.
  24. PC MATIC has always worked on my phone and other 2 pc's without issues. But this morning and still continues when I launch PC MATIC on my Android... a DOC.HTML message comes up saying, "something went wrong, check log for details". So where is this log and why did it stop working on my phone? My subscription is paid for until December 2020. PC MATIC with Super Shield still working on my WIN 10 HP 8300 and my XP PRO HP 4300. Why is it not working on my Android? Is there an app problem? And now there is a error on the website when trying to contact support. LOOKS LIKE PC MATIC HAS BEEN HACK
  25. I'm sent a ticket twice with no help. Can you have them reach out to me please. Doug
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