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  2. That's fair bubba, take care and fold as you're able. My points will be down for a few days, I remoted into my desktop while traveling and forgot it doesn't auto reconnect to the weefees, post reboot. Tx
  3. Once these cards become more readily available I plan on getting another but for now I couldn't pass on the amount of money the card commands.
  4. You get this resolved dickster?? I haven't checked in for a bit....
  5. Hey all, within the next week or so a strong possibility I'll be downgrading to a 1660 OC card. I've had so many people wanting to purchase this 3080 I've been running I've finally caved and agreed to sell to a person driving in from out of state to pick it up and exchange cash and a 1660 OC. Going to be a bit of a hit to the totals but will still be folding.
  6. Hdd show in bios but Not show in Windows 10 Posted also here: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Business-PCs-Workstations-and-Point-of-Sale-Systems/How-insert-1-or-2-... connected HDD in the HDD bay first in hp Z620 Workstation PC and when reviewed BIOS showed the SSD (C:/) and the 1TB HDD But when boot in windows it's Not shown the HDD --- well, the disk is almost full, why Not seem in Windows 10 ...? Picture here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aty5ebD9Y5-uiNVhjdaKoA36nfkEBA?e=1ngQEn
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  8. I have two external drives identical brand - 8Gb & 6GB - and two PCs - HP Elite 7300 series MT & HP Z620 Workstation 1 The USED ONE HP Z620 Workstation PC is problematic - [bought today, using fresh installed Windows 10 Pro 21H1 ] with one of the externals, the 6GB - shows empty [ shows only three (3) files I think of the brand of HDD] - but ironically is full - like show the HP Elite 7300 series MT PC Windows Pro 10 20H2 - which can access all files..., well what to try?? 2 If I wanted to add a SATA 3 HDD for Data in the HP Z620 WS PC - this can be without cables, since has built-in slots and plugs and HDD fit auto/directly... correct? Posted also here: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Business-PCs-Workstations-and-Point-of-Sale-Systems/I-have-two-external-drives-and-two-PCs-one-PC-is-problematic/m-p/8080368
  9. Hola @BOB4 Give this a shot bubba. https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-play-a-mp4-video-on-an-ipad Tx
  10. I took a short video off my NVR and played it my VLC player in MP4 format. It seems that apple phones or I pads will not play it. How can I covert to play on apple products?
  11. Hola @ExplEngineer and All of our product support is done through our Help Desk that can be reached at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ or now, from within the PC Matic application. Our Help Desk is the official source, and fastest way, to receive support for PC Matic products. If you have hashes, digital certificate serial numbers or copies of the programs you're trying to run, this info would go a long way towards us getting this resolved. As for your local whitelist not working, our Help Desk team can help get that squared away. Thanks again for your patience and we look forward to getting this fixed for you! Tx Edit: A ticket has been created for you, please keep an eye out for an email.
  12. Ultimately, you will have to change to a different carrier, get a new phone number, don't transfer the old one, and set your phone so as not to send your phone number to the recipient's "Caller i.d.). I would suggest that you use a prepaid phone like "TracPhone" for several months before going back on to a regular carrier like Verizon and to go through several different, and not connected to each other, phone numbers in the interim. Save everything in the way of stored date to a separate flash drive so that you will be able to access it in the future, but DO NOT LOAD ANYTHING FROM THE OLD PHONE, OR TRANSFER ANYTHING FROM THE OLD SIM CARD. Just keep what you need in that removable drive, and store the drive in something like a gun safe or similar security device. I have sometimes told clients without security devices to load it on a non-sensitive temperature medium, and put that in their refrigerator or freezer until they need it. Finally, and this can be a bit pricey, but find a professional who can put your vehicle up on a lift and carefully examine it for the presence of an installed GPS TRACKING DEVCE. If you do find one, don' remove it immediately, first drive out on an interstate highway in a direction that would indicate that you are leaving town for a while and then reach up and remove the GPS Tracking Device. If you think that you can get away with it, just stick it on someone else's RV or semi-trailer. This will probably drive someone insane for a few days trying to figure out what is going on. I once stuck one on a freight car on a siding waiting to be hooked up to a westbound train. It was in intermodal carrier and I know it was put on a ship in the L.A., CA port. Never heard another word about being surveilled again.
  13. I am not sure if it is just me, but so far PC Matic has done nothing for me other than blocking everything I try to do with my computer. I can't get anything to be allowable on the "Whitelist", I am constantly having to turn off "Super Shield" and try to get something to work until I either give up or do something by mistake that lets me get through it. I am sure that PC Matic is probably stopping viruses, malware, etc. because it stops everything. I have the Evergreen Plan because this software came highly recommended, but an application that constantly obstructs me at virtually every turn and treats me as the virus and which becomes more problematic with each new thing I try to do has me questioning my decision to purchase it. I wonder if I am the only one that is having this problem and if someone with more computer knowledge than I have has come up with a solution. The only thing worse than the obstructive product behavior is the poorly constituted "Technical (NON-)Support. There is no "interactive technical support" (Heck it won't even let me turn off the bold underline in italics now???) I had to add an emoji just to get out of the bold underline italic font) but continuing, no phone or "Chat" mechanism to get any real help, all I can do is sent them an email, hope they understand exactly what my problem is as if this is not the case, well it is back to the email exchange of corrections because the answer that they send did not apply to the problem I asked about but I had no way of explaining that problem directly with Tech Support. Hopefully, someone else will post a solution to this problem, or else I will just have to uninstall PC Matic, or disable it as I try to get access to what I need when I need it, and just risk a possible ransom demand, virus or malware until I finish up what is needed to be done, which means that I will have to devote >1 hour to find a work-around and then another >1 hour fussing with PC Matic just to get it either "Enabled" or to reinstall it. (another emoji just to get out of bold underline. Surely someone has a solution to these problems, but that someone is not me
  14. Thanks @nigsy Hola @Carole Wilsonand A ticket has been opened for you at our help desk, please check your email. Thanks! Tx
  15. All of our product support is done through our Help Desk that can be reached at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ or now, from within the PC Matic application. Our Help Desk is the official source, and fastest way, to receive support for PC Matic products. Hope you get it sorted.
  16. 14 hours finalizing tests have been running. Is there a problem with stopping this? I can't afford to be down much longer.
  17. Has anyone had their first scan run for 24 hours plus? It's defragging - the full run. It's been finalizing tests for about 6 hours.
  18. Shortening the Problem - The TouchPad Might have bad touch filter or an water is affecting/causing the mouse go crazy, also this problem could be called as "Ghost Touch" You said it clicks everthing right?, maybe the caps in the touchpad circuit might shorted by fluid or etc. or just a broken mousepad, i've had this problem 5 years ago i guess.
  19. Right Click Taskbar or press down CTRL+SHIFT+ESC should pop-up a window called Task Manager, Find the application in "Details Tab" you want to modify the usage of cpu and gpu, Right click that app/software Then find "Set Priority" From context menu, and pick a option, WARNING Dont Put it on realtime unless you have an good CPU/GPU, Or it would cause your pc to Freeze Drastically and also causing a bsod.
  20. Hola @Forceand Thanks your your input on this bud, but I do believe it's fair to say that this is no longer an issue for the OP. Hope you enjoy your time here and thanks for the willingness to help! Tx
  21. Sorry For the Bump, #2 - 07 error meaning there's another drive bay *Even its Not There* Its an bug back then, this is an advice, its not your hdd getting bad, theres an bug/glitch happening in your bios. its completely normal to see this. Also this warning should only show on hp Desktop computers.
  22. Happy birthday..hope you have a good one.
  23. Running Mint 19.2 Cinnamon. It's been running folding for about 7 months with no problem. My other pc running the same OS with a gtx1660 card hasn't had any problems. And both are running the same nvidia drivers.
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