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  2. Get hold of your ISP; as I said before - They can test the line and a few other things a simple ping test (which is basically all speedtests are) can not detect.
  3. Went back to the local store and they said could be a bad modem (xFi Gateway from xFinity). They gave us a new one and instructions how to set it up properly. It's all set up right, has to be done via smartphone app. There is a test via the app to show speed to the gateway, comes up at 1,192 Mbps out of 1,000 Mbps. Yet web pages and everything are still hesitating to load. Online speed test pages are even giving error messages that the test can not complete due to a problem with the network. Any other ideas or suggestions?
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  5. Hola @JoAultman and We've received and replied to your tickets, it appears you're not receiving them or your email provider is blocking them. Please double check your spam/junk folders, if you do not have anything there from us, please post back here so we know what further steps to take from our end. Tx
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  7. keep getting r reports and not one tech has responded to emails or reports
  8. Happy birthday bud....have a good one!
  9. I am new and am not sure what the manage whitelist does. If someone was given remote access can they add a maleware or spyware in the whitelist and escape removal?
  10. Wow-thank you Tx Redneck - any suggestions as to how I can remedy this problem? I'm glad I didn't purchase anything yet!
  11. Hola @Lauren V. and If your internet speed is insufficient via your satellite connection, a VPN will only confound the problems and make matters worse. Not only will you be going from your machine to a literal satellite, but you'd be adding extra "steps" to the already long journey to reach your intended site. Tx
  12. I was advised by the online university I am attending to get a VPN because my satellite ISP's download speed is too slow for the proctored exams I have to take. Which VPN provider do you all at PC Matic recommend?
  13. Best of luck, sir and please post back as to what yall learn of for the solution. Tx
  14. Thank You all. It looks like I will have to go to Mickeysoft for the answer. I used to know a LOT of people that worked there since I used to live just down the street from their main campus in Redmond. Unfortunately, I no longer have that resource.
  15. I'd give them a ring....they can test the speed to the router and some other tests as well.
  16. Welcome back!! Giving up folding at the moment....My Linux setup is not supported so until I upgrade some parts i'm down.
  17. Hola @JustinP526 Glad to see you're well and you got your innertubes back goin. For myself, I'm doin well and foldin on a single gpu. Tx
  18. We got Xfinity gigabit internet setup, using their supplied xFi gateway. Speed tests will report anywhere from 0.5Mbps to 475Mbps down speed. We have 2 laptops connected via ethernet cables. Both laptops have Realtek Gbe family network ports. I've already called for a signal reset and that didn't seem to change anything. Their modem diagnostic test reports that everything is functioning correctly. Even websites like here on PC Matic forum takes quite a bit of time to load, almost as if the connection is dropped then reconnected again. Is it possible the xFi gateway needs a firmware
  19. Been away for a short while due to some setbacks and not having an internet connection. We now have a new internet connection and I've got my system all updated and [email protected] client up and running again! How's everyone else doing?
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  21. thank you for your replying Went to control panel and put in Touchpad as you requested than went to device manager than Mice and pointing and Elan Clickpad came up so I clicked on that ,
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