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  2. Oof, after lookin your device up and checking its specs, you have 4 options. 1. Uninstall apps that aren't essential, regardless if you occasionally use them. 2. Try adding a micro SD card to moves pics and app data(that it'll allow) or possibly use as internal storage . 3. Factory reset the device and start completely "clean", as if it's a new device. 4. Buy a newer, unlocked device(Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL are fantastic and affordable) that will work with the sim card in your current device. Tx
  3. Can you tell us which of these is what you have? https://m.gsmarena.com/zte-phones-62.php Tx
  4. OK, you did these things already and weren't able to install the updates? What kind of phone is it? Tx
  5. I did removed the cached data from the apps I keep. I only have about 4 pics on the phone. Some of the stuff listed in apps I'm afraid to delete because I don't really know what they are or if they are needed.
  6. Hola @lorriehe There are a couple things you can do or try. I'd start with uninstalling any apps you don't use. Next, you can go through the apps you do use and want to keep, and delete the cached data for each of them. You could also ensure that your pictures and videos you've saved have successfully been backed up to your Google Photos account, if they have, you can delete them from the phone to reclaim space. Those are what I'd start with. If by chances it doesn't help, post back and we'll try again. Tx
  7. I use Whatsapp on my Android to communicate with relatives in Peru. I haven't used it in awhile and it says I need to update it. When I click the download button it tries to download the update but it says I don't have enough space. No free space. I'm kind of dummy when it comes to mobile phones. I can I fix this?
  8. The SVEN SE201 is just an external case made in Finland. Many different hard drives could have been installed in it. There's a whole lot I don't know, and I'm curious... What do you mean by USB encrypted? Do you just mean that the drive has been encrypted and connects via a USB cable? Do you know how it was encrypted? Perhaps with Bitlocker? There are things you could try... but as TX says, if you are just worried about someone accessing files... sledge hammer works great. If you're still concerned, stick it in the coals after your next barbecue.
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  10. Thanks for the info, Everything I'm seeing is it's a rather old hard drive and if you're wanting to ensure its contents cannot be recovered, I would take a drill to it and physically destroy it as it's worthless in terms of today's use cases. If you can't do that, a sledge hammer will work as well or maybe call local computer shops and inquire if they have a degausser that they're willing to erase the drive with for you. The degausser is just a very strong magnet and it will rearrange the magnetic media on the platters, thus physically destroying the data. Hope this helps, Tx
  11. HITACHI_ DK23DA-40B Media In the box it says Model SE201 but I couldn't find any info on either. I have tried 2 different USB lock key's and with/without them I can't delete the files which is my biggest concern. thanks!
  12. Hola @DarleneM and It sounds as if it has some form of write protection in place. Can you provide the make and model number so we can try to better help you? Tx
  13. Hi all Cleaning digital "closets". Found an external drive that is USB encrypted. It has the pin in it and does not seem to require the password. At this time, we just want to erase / reformat it but can't seem to do so as it says it is locked. Any idea how to circumvent this? Thanks
  14. Rock on, thanks Nigel! On another note, we've 11 new members in the fold now! https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_list.php?s=&a=2&t=32035 Tx
  15. OK; I've got it folding on my work laptop. No way to choose to fold for COVID so I've left it on 'Any disease'
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  17. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your lock down and have a beer!!
  18. Hola @ITHarleyGuy and Happy to have helped, sir! Tx
  19. Thankx TX. Your answer was just what I needed to be reminded of also!
  20. va to run? I get the following error: File execution blocked Java is blocked, to allow, check "Allow Java"in the protection level menu. PC matic Super Shield. I don't know how to do this simple task, help anyone? Bill
  21. Hola @Jimmy J and IMO, uBlock Origin paired with its companion, uBlock Origin Extra, is the most effective combination. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock-origin/cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock-origin-extra/pgdnlhfefecpicbbihgmbmffkjpaplco Those can both be used in Google Chrome and the new MS Edge. If you use Firefox, look in its store for the same things. Tx
  22. I alwa Which of these extensions do you have? AdBlock Adblock Plus uBlock Origin ... Other Click the AdBlock icon in the browser extension area on the upper right-hand corner. (You may see a small number covering part of the icon.) Select Don't run on pages on this site. In the "Don’t run AdBlock on..." dialog box, select Exclude. The AdBlock icon changes to a “thumbs up” image. ys get my email thru google news and almost every news page is asking me to drop one of these listed in order to see the page. Can you give me a suggestion on what to do here.
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